Lola Latorre was robbed while on vacation in José Ignacio: “I'm desperate”

Yanina Latorre reported her daughter stolen in Jose Ignacio

Lola Latorre She was the victim of a burglary at the property she shared with her boyfriend in the La Juanita area of ​​San Ignacio. The influencer arrived in Punta del Este before the New Year holidays and everything was calm Felipe OsanaHis family and friends enjoy the beaches until nightfall and go out some nights. However, in the last few hours, some thieves entered the house and stole valuables, including a computer on which he carried all the materials from his career.

This news was announced by her mother, Yanina, who is currently with her husband, Diego, in Miami. “I'm with a call for solidarity, I'm away, but Lolita is on vacation in Punta del Este with Felipe, her boyfriend, and the friend's family. They are in José Ignacio, in a house and they have been robbed“I think it's best: for them to take care of themselves, to thank the people who help and so they can know if they're sorry for what they did,” said the panelist, who added that her daughter had asked her not to make it public, but she chose to do so. “.

Yanina Latorre said that lawyer Fernando Borlando intervened in the robbery of the house where her daughter spent the summer

In her story, Yanina advised holidaymakers to be careful due to a series of insecurity incidents in the area. “They broke into the window, and took Lola’s computer, all her work and what she did at school. “His entire career was on this computer,” he lamented. In addition, he highlighted the work of the police in searching for the stolen items, and called on the thieves to repent. “There is nothing left She only had very few subjects to qualify as a lawyer and it was all there. If it was you who stole it, you have time to repent and return the items.“.

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In addition to this study tool, the speaker lamented other personal items that had been stolen from her daughter. “It's terrible to work all year, make an effort to go on vacation and have this bad moment,” he said. He left a message for the future lawyer: “Lolita, my heart, don’t worry. The materials have been recovered, and it is unfortunate that there are people spoiling the holiday.” In the same sense, he revealed the conversation that took place between him and the young woman. “What a wonderful end to this year! My daughter calls me crying so hard because she wants to come back. And I feel so bitter, because I'm so far away. She apologizes to me as if she did something. “I feel sorry for all the efforts he made to get here,” he said.

Lola Latorre on the beach in Punta del Este days before she was robbed (RS Photos)
Lola Latorre on the beach in Punta del Este days before she was robbed (RS Photos)

Hours later, the spokeswoman recorded other stories in which she said that the lawyer Fernando Borlando He had taken the necessary measures in this regard. “He takes care of everything in Punta del Este. This seems to be the sixth robbery in the Jose Ignacio area. They are taking advantage of people going out to eat and entering homes.”

The police intervene, as does the public prosecutor. We are trying to get them to carry out raids and find these thieves. They work full time and Let's see if Jose Ignacio's people help Lula and those who were assaulted and make sure this stops happening.s. Let's see if they put cameras and more police. He added: “Argentines go to Uruguay in the summer, it's great for you, but it's also great that these things don't happen.”

Lola Latorre's letters after the robbery
Lola Latorre's letters after the robbery

Once the truth became public, Lola joined her mother's demand on the networks. There he listed what was stolen, with particular emphasis on the computer. “They came in through the window and took a bag with all my stuff. They took my computer along with it my entire college career.. There have already been six robberies, be very careful there are many more hdp He wrote in his Instagram post: “Here all the streets are without lights and patrol cars do not pass through the area.”

Lola Latorre reported her vacation home in Jose Ignacio burgled
Lola Latorre reported her vacation home in Jose Ignacio burgled

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