Legendary Edition mysteriously removes Denuvo technology in its latest version

Interestingly, EA’s official notes on the update are silent on the matter.

Legendary Edition Mass Effect It has been available for a few weeks and in this time it has been updated with some improvements and corrections. In fact, Bioware recently published a new patch that fixes some of the issues with this space operaLike some trophies or lighting problems. But the update arrived not alone, but also with an interesting change to the PC version.

EA did not mention this change in its recent patch notesHow see in DSOGaming, it looks like the patch Also eliminates Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology, very common in many games in the PC catalog. Users have noticed changes in the past hours, and the above medium has verified that Denuvo has indeed disappeared from the remake of the Shepard’s Adventures trilogy; Although they are from EA they don’t mention anything in their official notes.

A mystery we don’t know whether or not we’ll solve, or whether EA and Bioware will let it pass, but this will surely bring the suggestion closer also to users who tend to interrupt games that include Denuvo tech in a certain way. Update too Optimize the performance of PC Adventureمغامرة, with different hardware configurations.

Anyway and as we tell you in análisis de Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Do you Reworking what a Bioware saga deserves. It has also served to not only bring to life the epic adventures of its characters across the galaxy, but also Find Easter eggs hidden for years.

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