La Cañada Arroyo Seco caused damage to businesses and municipal property in the Los Rios sector

Santo Domingo.- The saying goes: “After the storm, there comes calm,” and it is this calm that the municipalities in the Los Rios sector have taken advantage of.After he calmed down high rain this Sunday to see what they can salvage from their homes and businesses that were flooded as a result of the overflowing Arroyo Seco Creek in this area.

Mattresses, furniture, damaged streets and various businesses were affected, as they were “covered” by the valley flood, covering the first floor homes. Faced with this situation, some chose to go to the homes of their relatives, while others took refuge in the homes of neighbors who live on the second or third floor.

Confesor Cabrera and Samuel Diaz, both community leaders, explained that in the afternoon no authority had come to conduct a damage assessment.
“Only CAASD sent water trucks,” Confessor points out. While others were buying water tankers to supply themselves.

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The alleys of Santa Lucia, Dios, Puerto Rico, and Caliche are the alleys of the community.

“I am depressed”are the first words uttered by Ana Yesenia Valdez, who narrates in an almost tearful voice that she ordered everything in her beauty salon.

Sitting at the door of the destroyed shop, he said: “I am waiting for my children to see what we saved. My daughter and I work here. She has a nail center. Everything is damaged.”

Local residents, holding brooms in their hands, removed all the debris and garbage that the water had drawn into the homes.

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While in the food shops they brought out blankets and more rice blankets that had been damaged by the flood.

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