Kirstie Allsopp effortlessly possesses a guy telling her to shut up ⋆. –

Kirstie Allsopp had time to deal with a rude Twitter user who called her “ silent ” (Image: Rex)

Kirstie Allsopp underwent surgery on a man on social media who asked her to “be silent” about blocking guidelines.

The TV star, like many others, had no qualms about giving her opinion on blocking guidelines that often invite lively discussion from others following her account.

On Monday, he expressed confusion about the roadmap to exit lockdown and its impact on those who might be planning funerals.

She wrote, along with the rolling face emoji: “So anyone planning a funeral will now likely try to wait until May 17th to have as many mourners as they want.”

“But let’s continue with the dates, not the data, because that makes a lot of sense.”

A follower who explicitly disagreed with his comments posted at the bottom of the tweet: “Shut up.”

Kirsty is not shy to give her opinion on the blockade and public health advice (Image: Twitter)

The website, site, and website star obviously had time and gave a piece of his mind to this disgruntled Twitter user.

She correctly indicated that if he wasn’t happy to hear her thoughts, he’d be welcome to unfollow her (which should have been in order to see her original comment).

Kirsty cools down and calms the agitated follower (Image: Twitter)

Citing her complaint to 427,000 Twitter followers, Kirsty, 49, said: “ Dear Rick, follow me. If you don’t like what I’m saying, stop chasing me.

It seems a bit wicked, not to mention rude, to actively listen to someone and then say so. Greetings, Kirsty.

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It was the “greetings” that coldly handed us over.

The TV host previously promised to boycott shops and pubs if the UK introduced passports for a vaccine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mas: Kirsty Alsop

However, some pointed to the benefits of passports, especially for places like music venues and theaters that have been hard hit by the lockdown.

To illustrate her views in the responses to supporters, Kirsty added that she prefers it to be a “matter of trust”, and for people to make the decision to stay home if they are not vaccinated.

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