Killer tornadoes: Midwest ravaged by inclement weather, what’s in for the weekend?

The weather is getting worse and aggravating and flogging to the lands of North America provocation Serious deaths and injuries. On this occasion, a total 43 Tornadoes Demolition six entities affiliate Midwestern United States, Opening a deadly path on his way and destroying endless property. The collapse of the theater in Illinois that was doing a heavy metal concert. killed a person And left 28 others were injured. Because of the event, the trauma center Arkansas Trigger an alert huge losses. After the police tour, three more people were confirmed dead, leaving a total Four deceased.

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The town of Wayne, in northeastern Arkansas, was also destroyed. Photo: AP

What is expected now for the weekend?

The violent hurricane Arkansas The demolition of the Illinois Theater and other properties culminating in its loss Four people and 28 wounded. However, a series of violent tornadoes hit six entities affiliate United State. Now it is Midwest wake up with Devastation Occurred by about 43 tornadoes, According to preliminary reports from Storm Prediction Center. And until last Friday night, bad weather broke out in the region, which is now expected – this weekend – to cause chaos in the states Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Bad weather happened after Only major trauma center in Arkansas -hospital University Medical Sciences From the region – proclaimed prof Mass loss alert to Level 1 after the arrival of the hurricane small rock early Friday morning. And it is that the dramatic scenes were embodied in the images, as overturned cars, destroyed roofs and felled trees were landscapes that were observed all over the world. South and Midwest. Now the most complicated situation in the region is that tens of thousands of people are left without electricity, and it is in the city that has suffered the most from the events. Like in Missouri.

The incident occurred at the Apollo Theater during a heavy metal concert. Photo: AP

The number of damages never ends, as the casualties increase

According to local media, the Apollo Theater in Belvedere, Illinois I watched his roof collapse around 7:55 pm, when he was there 260 people inside. Concert-goers gathered to watch the band from Heavy Metal Maniac Angel. Now the fire chief Shawn waterfall shared with correspondents 28 people were taken to hospital And five them in dangerous situation. At the same time, a witness uploaded a video of Disturbing consequences for Facebook.

“I was one of the first on the scene and started praying and crying,” Johnny Garner wrote on Facebook. “Having so many people swept away doesn’t feel real,” he continued.

A mass casualty alert has been activated. Photo: AP

in covington, tennessee, five people He was treated in hospital after being hit by a hurricane. he Covington Police Department Shared photos of closed roads By fallen electricity poles and fallen trees in front of the houses. was the force “impracticable” Residents urged City To stay away from highways because dangers. He also urged emergency teams to be allowed into critical areas. On the other hand, several flights in Chicago O’Hare International Airport I know too delay or flat They canceled. After that, the passengers were asked to take refuge because “Severe weather”.

Many of the victims of the bad weather are still in serious condition in hospital. Photo: AP

How many hurricanes are there?

Preliminary reports indicate that it has occurred 16 tornadoes in Illinois, 12 in Arkansas, Eight in Iowa, three in Wisconsin, two in Mississippi, and two in Tennessee. However, the authorities stated in detail that Midwest It can wait Little break This weekend, as storms appear to be heading towards this. As the Weather Channel reports, it will be thunderstorms main concern on saturday, but “You can’t rule out one or two tornadoes in the Southeast.” Unfortunately, the Hurricanes were torn apart homes And erased whole neighborhoods, Vehicles were overturned and trees and debris were thrown onto the roads as people ran for cover.

Now they are waiting for fund approval to clean up the mess in the area. Photo: AP

Many buildings had their roofs and walls ripped off, trees uprooted and vehicles overturned. “We’re working in red, with all hands on deck,” Aaron Gilkey, a spokesman for the agency, said Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS). Namely, that storms happened Just a week later From what more than twenty to Tornadoes deadly Mississippi blight and parts of Alabama killed at least 26 people. At the same time, pictures of the violent event were shot from Seventh floor of Little Rock Baptist Medical Center. The person filming could be heard panting from the massive tornado spinning as it got closer and closer.

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Another video of the huge system’s aftermath showed debris littering streets small rock —which is just three hours northwest of Rolling Fork—that’s where they hit Deadly storms last week. Aerial photos published by the Weather Channel showed a severely affected area of ​​the city Which covers several blocks with many Houses without roofs And walls Some of them have already completely collapsed and due to overturned vehicles Dirty streets On the other hand, the National Weather Service It also reported that hurricane activity destroyed Lots of homes logging small rock and its surroundings.

The tornado destroyed many homes and downed trees in and around Little Rock. Photo: AP

What do the authorities say?

mayor Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr. V said Twitter he may have asked Arkansas Governor, Sarah Huckabee sanders, to mobilize forces National Guard To help respond to emergencies. The commander signed an executive order authorizing the warrant immediately 250 thousand dollars – More than four and a half million pesos – from state fund to response and recovery Disaster relief is used at the discretion of the principal State Department of Emergency Management.

“At this time, we know of 24 people who have been hospitalized in Little Rock, and are not aware of any deaths in Little Rock,” Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said on Twitter.

separately , Baptist Health Medical Center In the Contiguous city north of Little Rock — just across the Arkansas River from D.C. — he reported being treated 11 storm patients, One of them is in critical condition. At the same time, local TV station KTHV-TV reported Storm related deaths. according to Emergency medical services bishop, at least 600 people were injured Only in the area Arkansas. Meanwhile, a second tornado formation was detected at DesMoines. he devastating weather It continued for hundreds of kilometres.

The President of the United States and his wife traveled to the hardest hit area. Photo: AP

Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Rolling Fork

president to United States and his wife They traveled to the area hardest hit by the terrible hurricane. Now that is expected Joe Biden announce that Federal government It will cover the full cost of the programme Mississippi Emergency Measures during the next day 30 days, including Extra hours to saviors and the Debris cleaning. The President and First Lady Jill Biden will assess the damage, and meet affected owners storms and saviors Well they asked for it operational information to Federal and state officials.

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They are expected to join Governor Tate Reeves, Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde Smith and the Representative Benny Thompson. In a statement after the hurricane, Joe Biden The federal government promised “I will do my best to help.”

“We will be there for as long as it takes. We will work together to give him the support he needs to get back on his feet.”

Joe Biden promised that the federal government would do everything it could to help. Photo: AP

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