Juan Carlos Osorio reveals FCF’s false promise to become Colombia’s coach

The desire that Juan Carlos Osorio has maintained to lead the Colombian national team is not hidden from anyone, the Risaraldense strategist has always emphasized that he had that desperate desire and was able on multiple occasions to come forward directly to take it into account.

Obviously, not so long ago, his circumstances as a coach made him an ideal candidate to take over a team that comes from failure to failure, and was seen in his way of channeling the potential for change, of a strategist. The Colombian who knows the way and who has prepared himself painstakingly throughout his career.

Perhaps the 2018 World Cup in Russia can be categorized as the highest point of Osorio’s career. In that orbital appointment, he arrived as coach of the Mexican national team, with very high aspirations and a desire to play a leading role in a group he shared with the world champion, Germany.

To everyone’s surprise, in Group F of that competition, Manito qualified for the next round in second place, accompanied by Sweden in first place and leaving the strong German team in the last box. In the Mexican-German confrontation, the North Americans were victorious 0-1.

This event had a clear resonance in the world of football and increased the prestige of the coach of the Mexican national team at that time. Thus, it opened the way for the directors of the Colombian Football Association to see the name Osorio for the three colors with different eyes.

Years later, when the Colombian team finds itself in a sea of ​​doubts to determine who is the ideal candidate to take over the national team. Juan Carlos Osorio in conversation with Fútbol América of ESPNit may be revealed Colombian directors at the Russian Tropical Meeting made him a proposal, which was naive and according to his statements this was his “biggest mistake”.

The last team he managed was America de Cali. Photo: Getty Images

Osorio refers to the event in this way:At the World Cup, the authorities of the Colombian federation approached me and promised me the position of coach of the national team., because the Colombian is pride. There are three countries for which I am most grateful: Colombia, because it is my country. The United States, because I studied there and started to work and generate income, and Mexico, which gave me the opportunity to go to the World Cup. ”

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At a certain moment, for the Mexican national team, the Colombian was resisted, but as he himself tells, the blow was against Germany before and after: “When we defeated Germany, and then we faced Brazil, the Mexicans changed their view, and they wanted me to stay, but my decision was to resign because I believe in the Colombian Federation.”

That was the case, with an offer from Mexico in hand, the Colombian was stronger in his love for the country and certainly left what he had. Finally, the managers changed course and this is where Osorio thinks he got it wrong: “They decided to hire another coach and that’s why I think it was my biggest mistake to leave Mexico where I had a very good football career and with another course after four years we would have done very well “.

“Yes, a lot of people don’t know that, but after the victory against Germany they offered me another four years; I was very naive, I believed in the Colombian Federation, in CEOs and presidents, and in the end, I played against my career”lamented.

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