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Joseph Quinn He became one of the most famous actors after his interpretation of Eddie Monson In the fourth season of Weird thingsalthough few recording “secrets” have been revealed, such as his guitar solo, and now, that Trying to imitate an American accent was a challenge for him.

Feel like a sociopath‘,” said the actor when he was praised for naturally imitating the way Americans speak, who began delving into the topic.

Joseph Quinn and the challenge of imitation dialect

The British actor participated in audio notation off the listwith Ed Gamble and James Exeter, from The recordings were a bit messy for himwe will I had to imitate the accent of the United States For his role, which was rather complicated.

“After a while I was too far down the rabbit hole At some point he said to me: Am I okay? do you like this? Do you like what I do?”, the 29-year-old actor revealed the plot imitation he felt at the time.

He also discussed that all of his concerns about whether or not he mimics the accent well have been allayed by his partner and his acting partner. Joe KerryWho is playing Steve Harrington In the series, with whom he became familiar and now maintains a great friendship.

“I was talking to Joe Kerry and at one point he was really interested in the role,” Quinn says, Dude, he said, I can’t save you, but I promise you everything will be fine.To try to calm him down, because he got too nervous because he wanted his American accent to show as best he could.

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Eddie Monson’s role is too shortbecause at the end of the season he died when the bats attacked him.

Queen He is not the only actor of British descent who has participated in Weird things; Millie Bobby Brown – eleven – and Charlie Heaton – Jonathan Byers – are also from the United Kingdom, and had to adapt their British accent to American, since the plot of the series is set in the United States.

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