Jorge Real Health: What will the medical plane transport to Argentina be like?

Jorge Real’s doctor has spoken of his possible transfer to Argentina (Mañana Silvestre. Radio 10)

Jorge Real He continues to develop positively from his comatose heart condition. The journalist was enjoying a vacation in Colombia when he had to be treated urgently, in the intensive care unit at Clínica del Country, in Bogota.

This Tuesday first thing in the morning, William CapuyaHe contacted his personal physician, who traveled to Colombia to accompany him and follow his development Sylvester morning On Radio 10 he revealed how the journalist’s health continues. “We were very worried, I was also very worried because he was here in Bogota and I didn’t know the conditions, but the truth is that he is fine, they are taking good care of him. It is one of the best clinics here in Colombia, ”the doctor began, telling how he lived at the end of this The week after Jorge’s compensation.

“It all started on a Saturday afternoon when he collapsed. He was going to do a study where the coronary arteries are evaluated and he sees through those pictures what the heart is like. There he suffered a decompensation. They took him to another room. I called the doctors, at first from a distance they didn’t know me. It was It is rather difficult, but later I was able to speak well and they explained to me that he had blockages in the arteries and they put a stent, and fortunately Jorge woke up from this situation.

For his part, the doctor explained: “I arrived on Sunday night and saw him. Now I’m talking to him on the phone and I’m also in contact with the clinic to assess the right time, I’m not saying he can’t move today, but to assess the most appropriate time to take him to Buenos Aires because he really wants to come back and we all want him to come back because as I said yesterday there is nothing worse than being sick When you’re in another country, even though the care here is good, you want to be at home with your friends, with your loved ones, and be in a clinic that you know.”

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“He is fine, the truth is that he is fine. Ultra calm. I spoke yesterday afternoon and last night. We arrange the medical plane for transportation, which also corresponds to his medical coverage for his trips abroad. Overall, he is stable and recovering, these are just the words and today is decided Return or approximate, which will certainly be in the next few days, ”the famous journalist closed the professional for the peace of mind of those who were interested in health.

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