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This Monday actor Jean Paul Belmondo He passed away at the age of 88 in France. To critics, he was the most sympathetic actor in French cinema, receiving very few awards but leaving behind a few movie titles to history. Films legendary.

Look: Jean-Paul Belmondo, icon of French cinema, passed away at the age of 88

Belmondo was a star new wave Before he became world famous for his roles in comedies and action films. He left behind nearly a hundred titles in a career spanning more than half a century. Its main discoverer was the famous director Jean-Luc Godard.

He showed in some already legendary films that he was much more than that funny guy who dated the most beautiful actresses of his time. That is why we present here a selection by the cultural bureau EFE of the most memorable films of this French artist.

In this file photo taken April 20, 1970, French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo (left) and Swiss actress Ursula Andres visit the baths. (Photo file: AFP)

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“At the End of Escape” (1960), where it all began

It wasn’t his first film but “There it all began,” Belmondo admitted a few years ago when he was awarded the Golden Lion in Venice. Jean-Luc Godard’s “At the End of the Getaway” has become a cinematic manifesto for Nouvelle Vague and a legendary film thanks to the legendary couple that Belmondo composed with Jean Seberg.

“Two Women” (1960), Belmondo opposite Sophia Loren

A brilliant film by Vittorio De Sica that went down in history for Sophia Loren’s Oscar (the first for a non-English film translator), but it’s a good example of Belmondo’s interest in making films outside of his country, but not necessarily America, where he felt out of place.

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“PIERROT, EL LOCO” (1965), a character designed specifically for Belmondo

In his third collaboration with Godard, Belmondo collaborated with Anna Karina on the Swiss director’s most active film and also his biggest commercial success. And that’s despite the fact that it’s not a story with the usual structure, but rather an exercise in by the director and a reflection of the love he was fortunate enough to meet a pioneering couple who had a lot of chemistry. The beautiful image of the kiss between the two was the image chosen by Cannes for its 2018 edition poster.

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“BORSALINO” (1970), an unforgettable duet with Alain Delon

Thanks to his broken nose inherited from his time as a boxer and the handsome Alain Delon, he was the ugly Belmondo, with a face sculpted in marble. The two actors knew how to express their friendship / rivalry for the expansion of French cinema but despite everything, they made two films together: “Borsalino” and thirty years later, “Uno de dos”. It was the gangsta story signed by Jack DeRay that showed the couple at their best.

“The Professional” (1981), the hardest Belmondo

Belmondo for years focused on making blockbuster movies in which he had either cute or tough characters. Round two highlights The Professional, an action movie in which he plays a French secret agent in a mix of James Bond and Dirty Harry, the type of character the actor specialized in.

“The Lion’s Empire” (1988), only Cesar Prize

Despite being one of the most famous actors in French cinema for decades, Belmondo has managed only one nomination and one victory at the César Awards. It was with “The Lion’s Empire,” a film directed by Claude Lelouch, where he played an older man who wanted to retire on a desert island. Years ago his star was fading and the actor turned to the theater, although he did not give up cinema completely.

With information from EFE.

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