It was denounced by the Colombian Minister of Labor

Colombian Minister of Labor, Gloria Ines RamirezToday, Wednesday, he denounced what is happening in his country slim what do you see Forced to Wear diapers In their places job Because they don't give them enough time To go to the bathroomwhich he described as “temper tantrums“.

According to an official in President Gustavo Petro's government, these were anomalies It was detected during inspections Made for companies Flowers actually fish processing plants, Among other things.

“We found in many of the visits we made, the most important of which were the inspectors who went to the Zohour area, to the Tuna area, Van Camps For example, it was found that the conditions Where these women do their work They are not the best“, he emphasized with particular mildness.

He added details that revealed the degrading level of working conditions in Hajjah Maximize production“Some workers They have to wear diapers Because they don't have the time to go to the bathroom.

Van Camps – the company mentioned by the Colombian official – is A Traditional brand of tuna From a South American country with a presence also in Ecuador.

“We traveled to the Pacific Ocean to bring the best tuna to your table,” he says in his social media posts. The company did not comment. In response to Petro official's statements.

Elite inspectors who revealed women's working conditions in Colombia

After discovering these violations, the government is working to design “Malfunction plan And a corrective plan for those seizures that occur in the daily life of many working women In fields and cities“From Colombia,” Ramirez added.

According to the Minister, labor inspectors are currently imposed throughout this year 2023 Millionaire fines“This year and so far we have penalties worth 25,000 million pesos as a result of monitoring and surveillance so that labor standards do not remain on paper,” he noted.

Colombian Labor Minister Gloria Inés Ramírez at a press conference in which she denounced the use of diapers by factory employees.

According to the Heraldo newspaper, the government has now done so 1,450 labor inspectors Who act as a “policeman” for workers' rights, and in addition, this year a Elite inspectors The company is clearly dedicated to ensuring women's rights in the workplace, and they are precisely the team that made this shocking discovery.

Now, although official sanctions have not yet been imposed in this case, the Ministry of Labor is already conducting the necessary investigations to move forward in this regard.

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