It sounds like something from an alien planet, but this environment is located in Argentina and will be very useful

In Argentina, some gaps have been found that may be vital to understanding life on planet Earth.

One of the experts who found these lakes in Argentina is monitoring their shape and composition

Lakes and lagoons are sources of impounded water that are vital to terrestrial ecosystems.. Science has already turned its attention to it, because it can turn toxic green due to climate change. Hawaii has one in pink. However, a group of them have now appeared in Argentina that look like they came from an alien planet.

In a recent article, it was possible to note the recent discovery that was made in Argentina, at an altitude of 12 thousand feet above sea level. Specifically, what experts found exists in Puna de Atacama, Argentina and exists today Twelve magnificent crystalline lakes spread over an area of ​​10,000 square metres.

Gaps that could explain life on Earth

These just-found lakes have attracted the attention of scientists from the first moment they were found. The reason for this is that they have been able to provide clues about what the early days of life were like on Earth and perhaps also on other planets such as Mars. It's all thanks to stromatolites, which are complex communities of microbes Which form giant piles of rock as they age.

Specifically, the stromatolite community found in this region of Argentina is evolving like no other despite the harsh climate they endure, especially due to the harsh sun and rare rains that occur at these latitudes. According to a statement made by a geologist from the University of Colorado: “This lake could be one of the best modern examples of the first signs of life on Earth.”.

This same expert did not hesitate to say: “It is unlike anything I have ever seen before, or indeed, anything a scientist has ever seen before.” Such words can not leave anyone indifferent, Because it seems to be one of the great discoveries of 2023a few days before the end of the year.

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Unfortunately, studies scheduled to be conducted in the area to learn more about these microbial communities will have to take place quickly, as the place has been given over to mining exploitation. A company has received permission and a contract to exploit the area to search for lithium Which will be used for electric car batteries.

In a final word, one of the experts who found this paradise commented: “We hope that we can protect some of these sites, or at least detail what is there before they disappear or are disturbed forever.” Hence, we wish you success in this work We will be alert for any news related to this surprising discovery..

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