Inflation and economic challenges in the United States

Sweden Bank (Riksbank) highlighted some of the challenges in the link between inflation and the economy in United State.

First of all, that nation’s annual inflation rate rose 5.4% last September, from 5.3% in August, a 13-year high.

So the focus on inflation and the economy has raised concerns.

In general, the central bank SwedenIf the recovery is not synchronized, imbalances may appear, especially in countries with large foreign currency indebtedness.

So one of the related uncertainty factors is the development of inflation, especially in the US.

if it was inflationary pressures Much stronger than expected, US interest rates could rise quickly and thus cause problems for both the US and other countries.

The Bank of Sweden concludes that the direct economic consequences of such a development for Sweden are likely to be small, but it cannot be excluded that the problems could spread across financial markets and thus have relatively important consequences for the Swedish economy as well.

There are also factors that could lead the global economy to develop more aggressively than in the main stage of Riksbank.

Inflation and the economy

In this Swedish bank’s view, a greater easing of economic policy cannot be ruled out, especially in the US, where there is still a great deal of uncertainty about expansionary fiscal policy.

Inflation has been higher than expected in recent months, and Riksbank has made significant upward revisions to its forecast for next year.

This illustrates the uncertainty about inflationary pressures both in Sweden and abroad.

Demand is growing rapidly and many companies are now struggling to meet it.

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It is difficult to obtain some intermediate goods, in the transport sector there are logistical problems and indicators point to a shortage of labor in some industries.

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