In Italy, they are speculating about the possibility of Pope Francis’ resignation

August 23, 2021 – 11:11
“Francisco is considering resigning,” says Italian media Libero Quotidiano. The title in question leaves room for extensive theological analysis in the morning.

Pope Francis was considering resigning due to his precarious health conditions, according to the Italian press. Astonishing modernity, without further explanation, gives way to the analysis regarding the crisis of the Vatican, which is given by the differences in the Catholic hierarchy. Libero Quotidiano asks, “But didn’t he just have harmless gastric diverticulitis, as the Vatican announced a month ago?”

Without further explanation, the aforementioned media outlets are immersed in the background of the affair, a long-running controversy surrounding Catholicism. “It has only been 11 days since Professor Antonio Sanchez, a lawyer from the University of Seville, was asked here if a good exit strategy for Francisco would be to resign to end the controversies over the ‘resignation’ of the pope. An anti-pope streak with a secret meeting of 80 cardinals is invalid” Sue, isn’t it?

And the answer was: “Yes. Once he is besieged, for Bergoglio, it will be the only thing he can do to at least salvage the anti-pope’s line of succession and complete his work on the disintegration and ‘boom’ of the Catholic Church.”

But Elisabetta Pique, the Vatican’s correspondent for LS5 Radio Rivadavia, explained: “There is absolutely no prospect of the Pope’s resignation.”

“You have to take this article with a lot of tweezers,” the journalist stressed on the air of “Someone Has To Say” with Eduardo Feynman.

To all this, the Argentine Jorge Bergoglio announced long ago (since March 2020 more precisely) that he does not rule out an early resignation from the papacy.

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“You know that this day is different for me from others: I am not the Pope of the Catholic Church; that is, I will be until eight in the afternoon, and then no longer. I am just a pilgrim who begins the last stage of his pilgrimage to this land”, he confirmed in March 2020 from the balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square.

Libero Quotidiano comments on what would be the “surreal situation” of the honorary popes, with one legally non-existent finally reforming, eight years later, to make way for Bergoglio as well.”

Nobody asks what Pope Benedict XVI was up to all this time: a cryptic cardinal in a summer suit? The Italian newspaper presents the controversy.

He then turns to the proclamation of Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, Catholic Pope No. 265, predecessor of Francis. And what he calls “the silence of the Vatican” on the whole issue.

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