In a memorable match, Las Leonas won the All-American gold medal

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The Lionesses are All-American champions. In a very close match, the Argentine women’s hockey team confirmed its strength in the region and won the eighth gold medal in the history of the competition and the direct qualification season for the Paris 2024 Olympics, with a score of 2 1 against United. States in the final with goals by Agustina Gorzelani and Eugenia Trinchinetti.

The Pan American title and a direct ticket to Paris 2024 for Argentina.Felipe Boga/Santiago 2023 via Photosport

The South American national team suffered a lot Against the North American team, which played a very tight match and with a very strong defense against constant attacks from Argentina. The match opened quickly with their goal. Agustina Gorslani (12′) Who showed her specialty, pulling in a short angle on a very special day for her: He played 100 matches for the Albiceleste shirt.

The Lionesses continued to dominate the scoreboard and the game until the first controversy of the night arrived. Megan Robertson with a terrible performance earned a questionable penalty Seconds before the end of the second quarter. A situation that Ashley Sessa (30) took advantage of, shooting a ball that passed past the goal, leaving goalkeeper Clara Barbieri no chance.

The last thirty minutes were spent in pure tension. With the score tied at 1-1, scoring chances came one after another for Fernando Ferrara, through Maria José Granato’s off-balance ability, Pilar Campoy’s passes and Giulietta Yankunas’ half-turns. It seemed that nothing was enough to break the tie and the possibility of the final being decided by penalty kicks increased.

Crazy scream. Trencinetti gave the coveted gold medal to Las Leonas.Felipe Boga/Santiago 2023 via Photosport

Without the effectiveness he needs at a time like this, Argentina continued its insistence and increased goalkeeper Kelsey Bing’s number. Which, in addition to saving several short corner kicks during the match, received a guided missile from Valentina Raposo nine minutes from time. But, after this great rescue, relief and suppressed screams came. The title goal finally appeared. Eugenia Trinchinetti (51) went diagonally into the penalty area to parry a concentrated and stunning shot from Gorzelani, thus unleashing the madness and happiness of a team that deserved to win. Without a doubt, a celebration that will be remembered for a long time.

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The last minutes were like a movie, with the Americans’ offense and the defense of the World and Olympic runner-up having one less player (Mago Granato was reprimanded). The end came. The Lionesses were able to end the specter of defeat to the United States at the Pan American Games (They lost in Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015). In this way, they won the second gold medal in a row and will begin the journey towards Paris 2024. A latent dream that began with a smile.

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