If it drops to $1,000, I’ll buy more

Robert Kiyosaki expressed himself on his social networks in favor of metal. In addition, he shared his opinion on Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki

Since I posted “Rich Dad Poor Dad”And Robert Kiyosaki He became a very respected person in the world personal financing and the investments. In addition, he is characterized in many cases by being quite clear and strong about his opinions and this impresses many people.

In this context, it was Kiyosaki’s last crusade in favor of gold. This is because the author of the famous book quote Steve Van Meter, another financial expertIn certain sayings regarding the gold metal which indicate its depreciation.

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If gold goes down to $1000, I will buy more. I investornot a merchant. For me, it is goldthe silver And Bitcoins We are real moneyand the monetary He is wastecommented Kiyosaki.

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A week earlier, Kiyosaki had not been entirely clear on his position and had stated to Van Meter that he had recommended the sale of gold and to David Hunter that he had encouraged his sale. “Who do you believe?” The author of the famous book wrote in this case.

And he replied, “Both men are clever. All markets are made of buyers and sellers.” Your task is to find out the logic behind the buyer and seller. The opposite logic makes you smarter, and it’s more valuable than a dollar.”

Kiyosaki’s other preferences

In recent weeks, in addition to mentioning gold, Kiyosaki Also talk about Bitcoins And silver. Last week he highlighted that Bitcoins It’s up over 100% in a year.

“I buy more gold and silver. Why buy more gold, silver and bitcoin? because The Fed, the Treasury, and Biden are liars.”books.

Cryptocurrency bitcoins


A few days later, he again criticized the government United State: “Years ago, I watched bitcoin go up to $20,000 and then go down to $0. I thought bitcoin was over. Slowly I watched it go up to $6,000 and bought. Why?” Bitcoin is supported by people, not the Federal Reserve or the government. Bitcoin did not need to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve or the government because it is the people’s money. Bitcoin at 100,000. Long live Bitcoin“.

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