“I have the technology, the desire, and a lot of football to do”: Jose Nagera | Globalism

a For 32 years José Manuel Nájera has maintained his style and ability to play and this, combined with desire and professionalism, has become one of the main things to show in his new experience as a soccer player in the United States.

“The team is called the New York Contour United, it is a businessman project, who has built the team since last year and plays in the UPSL League, which is a league of developing players. I came here because the coach met him while he was playing the last time I came to Cosmos and he told me that I am If I wanted to be part of the team, because it needs experienced players to help the youth drop and I said yes to anyone, ”confirms Nájera, from Cartagena by birth who has performed in several seasons in Real Cartagena and has also gone to La Equidad, Bucaramanga and Bogotá Fútbol Club In addition to acting abroad at Mineiros de Guayana (Venezuela) and Unión Comercio (Peru).

Why did you say yes to the projectOh?

– I was without a team and that personally helps me a lot because of the rhythm that is played here in these tournaments. Here you run a lot.

What are your expectations in this new project?

– Keep playing, show my talent, I can still contribute my football to any team and thank God they gave me a chance here in the United States. These tournaments are watched a lot by MLS coaches so let’s see what happens in the future.

How have you been in this club so far?

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– We have 4 matches and 14 victories. We are in the first place.

Has it cost you back to the courts a lot after a period of inactivity?

Maintaining technique and desire. I have a lot of football to offer. Physically, I still need to improve, I am strong mentally, and I know I must make an effort to get back into my rhythm and prepare for a better chance in a big team in any country.

The world of football How do you see the team?

– It is a team with excellent players, and there are football players from Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and the United States.

How have you felt personally so far?

Well, every day you try to catch up, knowing that it has not been easy with the epidemic. When I got to New York I got sick and only got to play two games, but I really scored a goal and everything. We are making progress.

How are you with the language?

There are a lot of Hispanics in the team. With that I had no problems.

How safe is that league after the epidemic?

The issue of biosecurity here is very good, and here the virus is controlled more

When does the tournament end?

The league ends in July, but the qualifiers are playing against the citizens and will continue until August.

How far do you think of the new Real Cartagena project?

The truth is, the Real Cartagena project is a good business for the owners, but not so much for the fans. It is not fair to think about projects or operations, knowing that Real Madrid is a first-class team and they need to play for a. The fans deserve respect.

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