How to save mobile data and make the most of internet services

Sometimes mobile data is used excessively, causing it to run out quickly. (Illustrative image)

In certain places where people are, they won't always be there WiFi access Or an unlimited data package that allows you to enjoy communication at all times. Also, when purchasing a data package, it is not taken into account that the gigabytes may expire, so saving and knowing when data is wasted is essential.

Among the first recommendations: Know when it's not necessary to spend money on data, and connect to a Wi-Fi network when you can access it. But apart from these, there are other things that help improve data usage.

Some people may know this, some may not know it, but the factor that increases data usage is downloading a document or file because depending on the size and MB it has, it increases the possibility of the data package running out automatically. .

Among the downloads that affect mobile data outage are the following: Photos, documents, as well as content such as series, movies, music or other large audio-visual content files.

WhatsApp also gradually contributes to mobile data exhaustion. It is recommended that you disable automatic file downloading and only allow it when you have access to a WiFi network. The process is simple because it can be configured in the application settings.

Apps are one of the parts of a mobile phone that use the most internet data. – (Illustrative image)

And it is true that Continuous application updates They are important for mobile phone operation, but in cases where there is insufficient Internet, these types of operations should be refrained.

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To deactivate updates on your mobile phone for both operating systems, you can follow these instructions:

  • to iPhone You should go to Settings, then App Store, and in the Mobile Data pane, deactivate the Automatic Downloads option.
  • to Android You have to go to Google Play, click on Account and select Settings and Network Preferences and in the part that says Update apps automatically, choose “Via Wi-Fi Only”.

Just like when you have something for everyone and don't want to waste it, gigabytes of internet usage from your mobile phone can also be restricted.

To do this, in the case of the Android operating system, the most practical way is to type in the search engine “Data limit” Where you can configure the maximum number of gigabytes you want to consume in a specific period of time. This is useful when people get distracted and spend their mobile data excessively.

It is important to have access to WiFi to save your phone plan data. (Frebek)

next to, Internet access can be restricted in some applications that you do not needKeeping in mind that many of them, even though they may not seem like it, can access internet data in the background.

For this reason, what you should do is go to the phone settings and the place that says Mobile Data, review each existing application and deactivate access to mobile data. This must be done taking into account that access to communication cannot be limited to all applications because there are some that necessarily need permissions, such as social networks.

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Additionally, you can uninstall apps you don't use to not only optimize your mobile data usage, but also get greater battery and storage performance on your tech device.

Other points to keep in mind is that some mobile phones have smart saving variants that allow you to optimize gigabyte usage along with other benefits.

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