How to mark a WhatsApp message as unread

WhatsApp has an option for the user to mark messages as unread (Image: EFE/EPA/IAN Langsdon/File)

It is possible that in this age of digitization, you receive hundreds of messages a day across different platforms in particular The WhatsAppOne of the most widely used means of communication. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all the data received or, If you’re distracted, some of the things you’re reading will likely get overlooked.

in this meaning, Marking a message as unread can help you reserve it for reading later Where you can devote more attention or have more time to respond or save the information sent by that place. It should be made clear that here we are not talking about a function so that the sender knows or not if you saw the message, But with a tool that allows you to make the message appear unread.

To prevent the sender from knowing if you’ve opened their message Just turn off the double blue check, but, as mentioned earlier, that’s another matter. This time we will see how a user can mark a message they have already opened as “unread”.

in case if AndroidAnd the Inside the main screen where you see all the chats, you have to select the respective conversation, fixed it, then click on the three dots in the upper right margin and choose the option that says “Mark as unread”

You have to click on the conversation, then on the three dots in the upper margin and choose the option "Mark as unread"
You have to click on the conversation and then on the three dots in the upper margin and choose the option “Mark as unread”

in case if iOSAnd the The chat is opened and you have to go to the message and swipe right then you will see an option that says “unread” and you have to tap there.

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As mentioned earlier, this is a tool that only serves the user who does it and is meant to better manage or highlight their messages. The recipient will not receive any notification regarding this action.

News coming to WhatsApp

A button with the number 1 will appear in the middle
A button with the number 1 will appear in the middle

WhatsApp has included a new tool that allows you to send Photos and videos that disappear after the recipient has viewed them. This option is currently only available in beta for AndroidThe first step before you reach the stable version that can be accessed by all users.

Those with the latest beta version of WhatsApp will see that when they send a photo or video, a file small button virtual with number 1 in the middle. If this button is pressed, the recipient will only be able to view the content once after which it will be automatically deleted.

The issuer will be able to see if the contact has opened the material because in their chat a message will appear saying “open” or “open”. In the case of sending to a group chat, it will also be possible to see who viewed it or received the content by pressing and holding the message.

it’s about New privacy optionAnd the The same way it was installed a few months ago hidden messages. It should be noted in any case that it is not possible in either case to know whether a person took a screenshot before the material disappeared.

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