How to hide location in WhatsApp during a call

The IP address can be hidden to use Meta servers. (Reuters)

Privacy is key when using messaging apps or social media networks. Although WhatsApp has many options to protect its users, there is certain information that can be revealed, such as location during a call. Although there is a way to hide it.

This is not a problem if we talk to friends or family, because they will generally always know where we are, The problem is when A cybercriminal could take this information To take advantage of it in some way and defraud us.

Unlike traditional calls, which are made through a mobile phone signal, conversations on WhatsApp take place over the Internet. This means that the channel used is a network and therefore the device must have an address intellectual propertywhich is a series of numbers that determine the geographical location of the device connected to the network.

The IP address can be hidden to use Meta servers. (Effy)

When we make a call in this application, this information may be disclosed and Because of this, the person on the other end of the phone can know our location.

This is not a bug or problem in the Meta application and for this reason the same application has a solution to hide this data, Because cybercriminals can impersonate a bank, entity or contact we know to take advantage of the fact that they know our location in which case we will be at risk.

The solution to all this is within the app itself and it is not necessary to download anything additional. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Before starting, we must make sure that we have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on our mobile devices. This can be checked by going to the App Store or Google Play Store and in the Manage Applications section we will know if there is a recent update.
  2. With that ready, it's now time to open the WhatsApp app.
  3. Go to the settings menu.
  4. There find and select the Privacy option. This section will allow you to configure various aspects related to the privacy and security of your WhatsApp account.
  5. Once you are in the Privacy section, scroll down until you find the Advanced option.
  6. A section called “IP Address Protection in Calls” will appear. This feature is designed to transfer all calls through WhatsApp servers, instead of calling directly. By activating this option, your IP address will be protected during calls, making it difficult for other users to track our location.
The IP address can be hidden to use Meta servers. (information)

It is important to note that this setting may slightly affect call quality, but it may be a better option if our priority is to protect privacy and avoid dangerous situations.

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Mark Zuckerberg announced, through his WhatsApp channel, four functions that will come to the application, which will allow users to organize and compose messages in their conversations using different commands before sharing them.

The messaging app is not only used to talk among family members about daily topics, but it is also a work and study platform for many users.So the arrival of these functions will be very useful for those who share content and want it to have a fixed format.

The four jobs announced by Zuckerberg are as follows:

This is a useful way to describe the steps of the process, List the ingredients of the recipe or highlight the main points of the message.

To use it, we must write the code Followed by a space and then the content of that part of the process.

It is a format similar to the previous one, but with the difference in the ability to distinguish the process in a countable wayIt is something that can be implemented to give instructions or rearrange events.

If we wanted to use this function, we would have to type a number followed by a period (1., 2., 3., etc.) and then a space to sort the content.

If what we want is to highlight the main text and make it more legible in messages, this will be a very useful tool. To use it we must put the code > Followed by a space and then the text we want to highlight.

This is a feature often used by developers who need to share code snippets or commands. But some users may find this format a way to highlight content in a group or in a conversation with someone else.

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To activate this formatting you will need to place the ` symbol at the beginning and end of the text to be highlighted.

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