How to activate the magnifying glass on iPhone and Android phones

Magnifying glass on iPhone and Android. (Photo: Five days)

Over the years, presenters have worked software To provide users with better access.

Android s manzana, in this sense, has not been abandoned, after accessibility improvements have been made during updates. At this point, Infobae will explain what it is ‘Back up’ what is? Today, it is up to all readers to learn it Activate the magnifier Iphone and Android.

If any reader needs help visualizing the contents in a . format Device, in both terminals there is the option of accessibility with a magnifying glass. This accessibility option allows you to enlarge the screen of a file cell phone also wave. On some mobile phones, this function is called ‘magnifying glass’. In other cases it is called ‘extension’.

This is how you can activate the magnifying glass on iPhone

To activate the magnifying glass on your iPhone, you have to go to ‘Accessibility’ from list Settings And look for the option Zoom.

You can also choose to access this option in a more comfortable way by typing in the top bar of the main section.

With this option, you The magnifying glass will turn on or off on iPhone. To access the magnifying glass, touch three fingers screen, and thus drag it anywhere on the screen.

Magnifying glass on iPhone.  (Photo: Mag El Comercio)
Magnifying glass on iPhone. (Photo: Mag El Comercio)

Configure Additional Magnifier Settings on iPhone

iPhone brings a feature called Follow the focus. This function automates the operation of the magnifier. You do not need to move the magnifying glass completely.because it will follow the focus of what is being done.

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In addition, there are other associated settings such as Settings smart typing In addition to the following:

– Keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom control.

– Expand the area.

Zoom filter.

At the bottom, you will find a bar to adjust it Magnifying glass level. The default level on iPhone is x5, which is able to increase up to x15 in the latest versions iOS.

This will be all for Magnification or magnifying glass indicates. You can always try to download one Application iOS to help, but what It is recommended to use a file Operating System.

Magnifying glass on iPhone.  (Photo: see how it's done)
Magnifying glass on iPhone. (Photo: see how it’s done)

This is how you can activate the magnifying glass on Android

Android comes with a bunch of built-in accessibility features. Usually, these features are not enabled by default.

to activate it, You have to go to Android settings and activate it. The various customization layers can change the name of these options but generally they are categorized as Accessibility.

Magnifying glass on Android.  (Photo: MovilZona)
Magnifying glass on Android. (Photo: MovilZona)

Access the accessibility options to turn on the zoom

To activate the zoom, you have to activate the accessibility options and inside you should see the option to zoom in or a magnifying glass. After enabling the option, it asks to create a shortcut to operate the magnifying glass.

Depending on the customization layer, you will find Different ways to activate the magnifying glass. Infobae leaves a little below:

Using the access button: As mentioned before, when you activate the Accessibility menu, you will have a new on-screen option for this menu. Simply click on the new icon that will be in that list.

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Using the volume keys: The next way to activate the magnifying glass is to press and hold Volume keys.

Triple Touch: You can also activate the magnifying glass by making a file Three times tap on the screen. This option can be Less recommended. In applications such as games, it can be opened without it being needed, and it can burden the experience.

Magnifying glass on Android.  (Photo: see how it's done)
Magnifying glass on Android. (Photo: see how it’s done)

Adjust the type of zoom

coming with Android 12although it can also be found in some customization layers, there is an option for Choose the type of extension From the magnifying glass in this case, there are two extensions available for Android:

– Zoom in full screen. In this mode, Android will enlarge the entire screen to make it appear larger. It will be seen that there is a file orange box In the area where the zoom is activated.

– Enlarge part of the screen. If you are familiar with windowsyou will be able to remember the magnifier option for this system. For Android, it will be the same functionality. It will create a box where you can see what’s on the screen magnified.

using the pinch gesture, We will enlarge the image. To deactivate the magnifying glass, simply repeat the activation process. box It can be moved to any area of ​​the screen.

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