Healthy hospitals to work: how should they be?

Hospitals and health centers are designed with patients’ experience in mind, in an effort to make their passage through these health spaces less traumatic and beneficial to their health. However, in the development of their infrastructure, as well as in the system of timetables and shifts in place, they are far from being Healthy places for your employeesalthough work is underway to reverse this situation.

In recent decades, the concept of a healthy workplace has changed from an approach that practically focuses on the physical environment to one that includes Health habits and psychological and social factors. This change in concept made it possible to establish links with society and improve other areas that affect employee health.

“The turning point began with pandemicwhen health professionals had to divide up a lot of time in the workplace, “a condition to which the practice of the profession is added” under some High levels of stress‘, says Pilar Nino (President of the Spanish Society for Occupational Medicine and Safety, SIMEST) to medical writing About the research that is done in hospitals to do healthy environments for employees.

The specialist asserts that “at the present time, he is trying to advance in many hospitals.” The roadmap that should include “training health care workers in this sense”, which is vital to achieving this goal.

“The workplace in which workers are produced must be regulated Positive thoughts and attitudes He explained that this will have very positive repercussions on the overall health of health workers, stressing that the matter is not only related to infrastructure, but also that psychological needs of professionals working in health centers.

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In this sense, the doctor explains to this newspaper that “this issue should be taken into account and dealt with from the hospital management or direction down and from the basic positions (nurses, residents, assistants) and above, implementing an intervention at the level of Physical, mental and psychosocial health. The relationship of the worker to his workplace must be expanded and the relations between all strengthened.”

Guards affect toilet hygiene

The Long working hours He noted before that “this is fully reflected in the lives of professionals”, as “awareness has begun to be spread in health centers” in this regard. However, the Semts President explains that “there is still much to be done and will be necessary in this globalized world (with Epidemics and health crises In the near future) learn how to act and act accordingly.

Long working hours ‘fully impact health professionals’ lives’

Health building infrastructures should take into account emergency service shifts for health centers and hospitals “rest areas for employees with disabilities. natural lightingCorrect ventilation and without noise ” pregnant health, which may be particularly sensitive, As well as in their reintegration after motherhood, creating “children-friendly spaces.” Breast feeding‘, explains Pilar Nino to medical writing. These measures will help promote a healthier workplace for all.

WHO in favor of creating healthy workplaces

In 2007, the World Health Assembly, affiliated with the World Health Organization, launched a global action plan aimed at improving workers’ health. Its goal was to promote taking measures aimed at improving the work environment and transforming it into a Healthy spaces. This model proposed by the World Health Organization, which finally appeared in 2010, was intended to provide a file flexible theoretical framework It can adapt to the realities of different countries, work environments and cultures.

To achieve this, the global literature has been systematically reviewed, both the concept of a healthy work environment, as well as policies and practices Improving health in work environments. In the development of this document, 56 experts from 22 countries and regional offices, representatives of relevant WHO programs, a representative of the International Labor Organization, two international representatives of NGOs, representatives of workers and employees participated.

What should a healthy workspace look like?

A healthy work environment should provide a open access environment and accepting people of different backgrounds, origins, abilities, and skills. It must also ensure that inequalities between groups of workers or difficulties affecting particular groups are minimized or eliminated.

A healthy workspace is where the concept of employee health transcends the absence of disease. These are thriving organizations from the point of view of their operations and how they achieve their goals: company health It is closely related to the employee.

Should not include only health protectionBut also health promotion. A healthy workplace is when workers and managers collaborate in a process of continuous improvement to promote and protect health, safety and well-being.

Although it may contain statements, statements or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional for any health-related questions.

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