Healthier fruit flavor and no preservatives

A team of researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology developed a A new, healthier muffin cupcake recipe of traditional cakes. This new cupcake is called “Hibiscus” because it contains extract from the calyx of the tropical hibiscus plant.

The researchers used a file Extract from the calyx of hibiscus flowers Because it contains many valuable bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, betaine, and hibiscus acid. these ingredients They can be used to develop new products and functional foods Which have positive health effects and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

he The study is part of Re-FOODa Norwegian-Indian cooperative project focused on the use and enhancement of the value of raw materials left over from food processing.

The new cupcake recipe is Rich in anthocyanins, a dye that can dissolve in water and produce a red, pink, violet, blue, or violet color. Researchers consider this factor important because The color of food greatly affects its appetite Looks like and because the demand for natural colors is increasing due to concerns about the harmful effects of artificial colors on health.

30 people rated the quality of the best cupcake: “Hibiscus”

The healthiest muffins created by science. | Source: Pixabay

To develop the recipe researchers They asked 30 people to try a total of 17 different brownie recipes.. The goal was to find the best version of hibiscus muffins with regard to three important qualities: having a taste and texture that people liked, valuable nutritional properties, and the best possible shelf life without preservatives.

The researchers measured and surveyed the subjects’ response Tests for colour, appearance, odour, texture, fluffiness, elasticity, freshness and strength to chew cake. To do this, they used a “response surface methodology” to model and analyze how different factors affected the test subjects’ reactions.

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In terms of nutrition, the results indicate that Hibiscus extract provides cookies with high levels of antioxidants such as phenols. These substances are able to block processes in the body that can damage cell membranes or the genetic material of cells.

the Hibiscus muffins contain no added preservatives The antioxidant ascorbic acid is also present in the dough. It is a chemical bond that can help increase the shelf life of food products. And when it comes to the effects of ascorbic acid on the human body, they know it by its common name, vitamin C. Tests have shown that these muffins stay good for six days at room temperature, with no signs of mold or germs.

In short, the New pancake recipe It’s called “hibiscus” and it’s healthier than traditional cakes. In addition, this new healthy product has a long shelf life without the need for additional preservatives, making it a healthy choice for consumers.

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