He made an additional $81,120 million

For its part, during the year it raised a net positive financing of $592,645 million, which means a refinancing rate of 120% per annum.

In this tender, the list of instruments offered consisted of 5 bonds maturing in 2021, 2022 and 2023. A new LELITE was issued with a maturity on December 15, 2021 and the Discount Invoice (LEDE) was reopened, with a maturity of January 31, 2022 and LECER, expiring on June 30 2022.

In addition, the TY22P fixed-rate bond, maturing on May 21, 2022 and the CER-adjustable peso bond, maturing on March 25, 2023 (TX23), has reopened.

I mentioned that the economy 527 bids were received representing a total of US$141,868 million VNO, giving an actual value of US$126,063 million.

Of the total funding received, 10% corresponds to LELITE, 78% to instruments due in 2022 and the remaining 12% to 2023. Similarly, 63% of the amount awarded was in fixed rate instruments and the remaining 37% on CER adjustable instruments.

Thus, at the end of the second of the three bids scheduled for the month, The National Treasury accumulates net positive financing of $149.388 million. In the last bid of the month to be held on November 26, Maturities to meet a total of 225.700 million dollars.

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