He is a millionaire and built a wall that blocks the view of his neighbor for a strange reason: “He has no right.”

Not always one get along with the neighbors. In fact, it is common for sounds or streams to overlap each other. Usually, everything is on notice. But Stephen Pitt, a 69-year-old Norfolk native, went further and by “revenge”, Build a giant wall to block the view who live near your home.

Pete is a former police officer who lives in £25 million farm in Thornham, in the county of Norfolk (England, UK). Next door are John Turner, 50, and his mother, Maxine, 78. Women with multiple sclerosis muscle atrophy One of the consequences of losing sight.

Stephen Pitt built a thatched wall across from his neighbor John Turner’s garden.East Anglia News Service

Pete didn’t care much about this and his situation A big wall of hay on his floorwhich covers the entire width of your neighbor’s backyard and prevents the rest of the field from being seen.

“He has hundreds of hectares of farmland (about 800) and It can be placed anywhere, but she chose to put it hereTurner noted, according to The English newspaper reported the sun.

Although the man moved the hay wall that was in front of his garden, Pete rebuilt it using a bulldozer. “Looking at the horses in the meadow is a real pleasure for my mother and now all you can see is a wall made of straw‘ said annoyed.

John Turner (left) and Stephen Pitt (right) have a neighborhood feud.
John Turner (left) and Stephen Pitt (right) have a neighborhood feud.East Anglia News Service

The rest of the neighborhood’s residents are surprised by Beit’s position for “40 years” Nothing like this has ever happened. They noted that “Al-Hazm was always somewhere else on their land, not in front of our house.”

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The origin of the controversy that led to Pete’s action is not entirely clear and theories vary between the need for privacy and “revenge,” after the mansion owner found 95 trees planted and cut down. This happened while he was traveling to France, and after reporting the incident, they told him they didn’t know who was responsible.

Turner recounted that he confronted his neighbor in a shop in town to claim why he had rebuilt the wall and assured him that it had nothing to do with cutting down trees, but only that Pete had told him. I’m sick of seeing his clothes hanging Every time he goes out to explore his area.

I don’t want to see these people In their gardens, barbecue A former police officer said. Annoyed, he added, “Turner thinks he’s entitled to a hearing, but he’s not, that’s mine.”

A dispute arose between neighbors over the construction of a hay wall in front of their garden.
A dispute arose between neighbors over the construction of a hay wall in front of their garden.East Anglia News Service

According to the aforementioned newspaper, Norfolk Police investigated the criminal damage to the trees, but noted that “all Investigation lines have been exhausted“.

Turner, resigned, declared:I know he’s trying to intimidate me out of hatred. My mom is totally broke and can’t believe this is happening. The police say they can’t do anything because it’s not a crime. They say there is no law against revenge.”

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