He bought a container for 500 dollars: he found a millionaire in it

Anyone would like to do millionaire From one day to the next Although many think that something is impossible, but a man United State Show that anything can be achieved.

Bought a container for $500 In a TV show auction Who gives more? And when he examined it, he discovered that it was inside A safe with $7.5 million in cash.

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So far the identity of the lucky one is unknown. The person who revealed the wonderful story was Dan DotsonFamous real-life auctioneer North American.

In addition, he emphasized that opening the safe was a complex task: A man tried to open the safe and could not. They had to call someone else to unlock it. When they were able to do so, they found that the safe, which is usually empty, in this case was not.

Inside the $500 bin was a safe containing more than $7 million (Image: Twitter/@auctionguydan)

However, the man could not keep the entire treasure, because the original owner of the container knew what had happened and demanded the money. “He received a call, mysteriously, from a lawyer representing the person who lost money. They offered him $600,000, which he refused, and Then they doubled the offer to 1.2 millionDotson explained in the recording.

So the man accepted this second offer, so He kept $1.2 million and returned the remaining $6.3 million.

Why was there $7.5 million in the container?

Although the reason for the millionaire’s sum in that container is not really known, Renee NisudaThe Dotson star and owner of “Bargain Hunters Thrift Store” said she wouldn’t be surprised if the source of the money was linked to a gang or cartel. “If you find an amount of money like this, Certainly there are reasons not to keep it inside the bank.”slip.

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