HBO Max wants nothing to do with Zatanna

The project promoted by JJ Abrams has been postponed. HBO Max fears Zatanna will turn her into a Xam OBH

HBO Max has ruled out plans to release live-action movie Zatanna. Simply. The project is looking for a new home.

On many occasions, things do not go well. As much as the slogan “If you want, you can” is sold. Nah, let’s be real. This is how the movie is Zatana Led by JJ Abrams.

The long-rumored project has been canceled by HBO Max, and the streaming giant is said to be uninterested in creating a place in its catalog for the Justice League superhero.

JJ Abrams’ projects haven’t had much luck

They don’t want you. There is no other. According to reports from the United States, the film’s director and producer experienced some setbacks, and had opposite ideas, regarding DCEU’s paranormal projects, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The character first appeared on the pages of DC Comics in 1964. As a mystical heroine searching for her father, Giovanna Zatara, one of the first DC characters to have supernatural abilities.

Zatanna + HBO Max

The superhero, who is dressed up as a wizard’s assistant with net socks and a hat, He can manipulate people and the important through spells by saying words in reverse. eM siednetne?

like that, The team is actively looking for a new broadcast partnerwhich is not a serious problem, having Netflix as the lifeblood platform for some DCEU projects.

The screenplay was written by actress, writer and director Emerald Fennell, winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for “The Promising Young Woman.” The projects that Abrams promoted don’t seem to have much luck.

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So we leave you with a character masquerade that at least helps us shake off the thorn while the project finds a new home. By the way, if you click on the picture, it will take you to cosplay with more pictures. I’ll do it. πŸ˜‰


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