GTA 5 has removed transphobic content from PS5 and Xbox Series versions

The community has echoed some of Rockstar’s changes to the new generation of consoles.

The Next generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V They premiered on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X stores | S last March, and they ended up hitting stores with physical edition with improvements rock star It was applied to what is already one of the most important and successful games of all time.

Therefore, the community has had access to its news for a month now, and the fact is that users have received the mods mixed waySome fans considered the changes worthwhile and others complained that the company still wanted to exploit the product in this way. But what we don’t know is that Things have been deleted The game with these new releases.

Changes to a character on stage (via Reddit)

As we can read in reddit, there are minor modifications to some of the decorations we see in the title. Without going any further, the number that was near the corridor disappeared and disturbed some users It’s a transphobia joke Talking about the genitals to switch. The new number that replaces the previous one no longer refers to transgender people.

Character model no longer appears on the mapBesides this, users have discovered that they too Drag Queen . model removed Very stereotypical. It’s still in the files and can actually be used in exit mode, but its dialog lines have been removed and the NPC no longer appears on the map. At the moment there is no official explanation from Rockstar, although they are not changes that in any way modify the overall experience with the game, the text of which usually interferes with the kind of references that can be considered offensive.

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Plus PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, this new version of Grand Theft Auto V It can come to the computer If we come to the North American age classification system. In the absence of official confirmation from the company, we invite you to read Analysis of the next generation versions of GTA 5 To give you a better idea of ​​what the improvements built into the new generation consoles look like.

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