Graduate students will be welcomed to talk about science in the age of fake news

Pascal Fuentes, journalist and content editor at TVN, will be in charge of the talk that will initiate the academic activities of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Austral in Chile.

Paulina Keyrouz, UACh journalist. – On April 27, 5:00 PM, new and old students who start their academic activities in the various Masters and PhD programs taught in this institution will be welcomed. graduate school.

This year, moreover, the recently created activities PhD in Earth System Science. This program adds to the already existing Ph.D marine biology; Sciences, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology; And Science, remember ecology and evolution. Also, part of the postgraduate offer are master’s programs at Biotechnology Biochemistry; applied ecology; Paleontology; Science, mentioned in Genetics; Science, mention microbiology; And Science, mentioned in Water Sources.

he Dr. Luis Miguel PardoThe Director of the College of Graduate Studies stressed that this unit renews its commitment to making a wide range of training programs available to scientific professionals, both nationally and internationally. graduate In areas related to society and its well-being.

«Examples include master’s and doctoral degrees in biotechnology, microbiology, aquatic systems and terrestrial systems, among others. This year, new PhD students in Earth System Sciences have already started their activities, which with its research lines in Solid Earth, Geoecology and Surface Processes, opens up space in this region for the formation of highly skilled human capitalShown.

open talk

The activity will take place in the Hugo Campos Auditorium of the Faculty of Sciences, where TVN journalist and content editor Pascale Fuentes will present at The Role of Scientific Publishing in the Age of Fake News.

Pascal Fuentes has 17 years of experience in television. She has served as an editor for “True Lies,” “True Culture,” “El informante,” and “National State” and has hosted segments and programs such as “Fake Hunters,” “The Specialists Respond,” “What is known,” and “24 in the afternoon.” Advances 24: Antarctic Expedition”, among others.

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Finally, the Welcome Day will have room for camaraderie and rock band music.”devil dogs” And “the fine”. Those who wish to secure their place in the activity can do so by filling in the form Available at this link.

It is worth noting that the conference will be broadcast live on the College of Science’s YouTube channel (FacultadCienciasuach).


  • Greetings from the Director of the Graduate School, Dr. Luis Miguel Pardo
  • Talk “Scientific Publishing Houses in the Age of Fake News”, Pascal Fuentes
  • Music activity and fellowship

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