Google denies destroying evidence in the US Millennium Group antitrust case

American Internet giant Googlefrom the alphabet, nHe claimed that he intentionally destroyed the evidence In an antitrust lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice regarding the company’s research business, in response to a federal court petition for government sanctions.

Last month, the Justice Department alleged that Google failed to preserve some of the company’s internal “chat” communications, saying the company told investigators in 2019 that it had suspended Permissions to auto-delete those records instant message.

Google said in a statement Friday that the company made “reasonable” efforts to preserve communications records.

Sanctions request is derived from Cases filed by the Ministry of Justice And a group of more than 30 states accuse Google of illegal exclusion practices to maintain its dominance in the search business. The company denied the charges in the case, which will go to trial in September.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on Monday. Google lawyers and a company representative did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

In the new sanctions request, the Department of Justice alleged that “L Daily destruction of written documents by GoogleHe has done America a disservice by depriving it of a rich source of candid conversations between Google executives, including potential trial witnesses.”

Google’s lawyers said the allegation that the company took steps to deny the plaintiffs information was “unfounded”. The company said it had already disclosed millions of documents and “massive amounts of data” as part of the litigation.


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