Godzilla vs. Kong: Science is telling who actually wins

After all that wait, Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% bar closes the call cycle Fresh beast That Kicked Off with Godzilla (2014) – 74% starring Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Although the idea of ​​confronting these wonderful Titans is not new, doing so using existing technological resources and in a world already familiar with the common universes has generated high expectations that, in general, have been fulfilled and exceeded.

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Because fans don’t let things go easily, theories of possible future events have already been created that focus more and more on monsters and not so much on poor humans who don’t have much choice other than watching with fear and admiration alike. Although in theory we are facing a story closure, the good response at the box office (with everything a pandemic) suggests that it won’t end here.

But beyond the history we’ve already seen, the question remains who beats who? Since the launch of the first trailer, the audience has been divided into two teams discussing the details of the match, but this battle was not limited to the fans. Many scholars were ready for a realistic analysis King Kong s Godzilla Be it for fun, real virtual interest, or of course, to take advantage of the media momentum. ringer An article was released where Nathaniel J. DominiPrimate expert, really Ryan Kalsbeek, An expert on reptiles and amphibians (both specialists from Dartmouth University) suggested what the real battle between the two characters would be like.

To achieve a fair discussion, Domina s Calspic They decide to focus on three aspects that must be realistically taken into account in the fight between monsters. Anatomy From the animal is necessary and the first thing to consider. Godzilla It is similar in size and position to dinosaurs of the family Ceratosauridae with some classification as Lazarus, an animal that crosses generations and is assumed to be extinct until it reappears. On your side, King Kong It is basically a giant monkey, but its size induces the amazing power of regular apes. Useful quality for Hong It is that, unlike other primates, it has shorter arms and is controlling. However, Godzilla He has claws and a tail that knows how to hit.

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The second aspect that was taken into consideration is Geography. This does not refer to the qualities that each person acquires from his place of birth, but rather from the place where the confrontation takes place. For example, if you end up in the ocean, the most knowledgeable person here has the upper hand. Domina Demonstrates the weight and density of muscles Hong They were putting him in movement problems and he couldn’t swim. Calspic Clarify that yes Godzilla It is similar to marine iguana so it has a lot of advantages, as it adapts to drastic changes in water temperature. Of course, you also need to take into account the thermonuclear power that this monster possesses.

Intelligence This is the third and final aspect that the experts have taken into consideration. At this point, both professionals agree on this Hong It has an advantage. While Godzilla Seeming to move, act, and interact in a more instinctive, and therefore violent, manner, Kong is able to feel more compassion for the humans around him. Although he reacts strongly, he can also interact with people and the tapes have always given us to understand that even he falls in love.

Calspic He says that strength, endurance and resilience Godzilla They make him the clear winner in any scenario. On your side, Domina Ensures that smart Hong It suffices to learn the weaknesses of your enemy and defeat him. This exercise among scholars was not the only exercise revealed about the film, but what makes it different is that both professionals are fans of these characters as well. Much Calspic How Domina They grew up watching old films of these monsters and watched them develop in cinema until this encounter. Although the movie solves this dilemma, the truth is that this may be the first battle between the two.

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