Go to the factory in Health: only those with seniority enter

The provincial government authorities received health workers a few days ago to agree on details of the job security request. There, it was agreed that those with antiquities with a guard contract of 5 years or more would move next year to permanent employees, while it was also ensured that all Malbrán workers would benefit from stability. However, a sense of discomfort has been generated as nurses receiving vaccinations at the fairgrounds will be excluded.

Jose Traverso, a reference for ATE Salud, and one of those who stood on the side of workers in the struggle for job stability, indicated that the Cabinet Secretary, Guillermo Dalla Lasta, and the Minister of Labor and Resources were present at the meeting. Bishr, Ariel Luna, with other representatives of the workers. At that meeting, the government stated that there was room for 500 admissions to the permanent state factory, but only for those who already had a custodian contract with antiquities of 5 years onwards, and all those who did not meet this requirement would be disqualified.

Traverso noted that for the approximately 130 municipal scholarship holders from across the county who perform jobs in hospitals, next week they will be given an answer, with some of them getting the permanent plant while others will get a custodial contract.

They responded similarly to about 30 Ministry of Health grantees.

Of those 500 entrances to the permanent state plant planned for next year, 140 Malbrán workers will enter, but in different batches throughout the year. He stressed that “the people of Malbran will make a list of people who will enter, and this is important, because there is a fear of leaving people outside and using places politically.”

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nurses abroad

However, the problem that came up at the meeting was the condition of the nurses in charge of the COVID-19 vaccination plan. “Unfortunately they told us they are abroad. They told us to talk to the Minister of Health, because they were only hired for vaccination. We totally disagree with this decision and from ATE we will continue to fight for these people.

“Catamarca cannot afford the need for nurses who are not only in the province but also in the country. There is a shortage of nurses all over the country,” he said in an interview with Radio Ancaste. With this in mind, he noted that, for example, in San Juan Bautista Hospital, at least 80 nurses are needed to function “optimally” and they also need jobs in the capital and in the interior.” They exclude nurses and trained people and at this age they are needed. There are approximately 40 nurses in the fairgrounds. These people have been exploited and ridiculed.”

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