Gmail: This is the maximum amount of time you have to unsend an email, and you won't regret it

This option allows you to organize your information and prevent errors at work or study. (Taken from Google)

Gmail, the popular email service from Google, has the option to cancel messages sent by mistake, the maximum time to perform this action, and is available in both the computer version and the mobile application.

With millions of users using this email for their digital correspondence, this option is essential in cases where information is sent to the wrong account, or the wrong file is specified in the message.

So, here we are presenting how you can use this Gmail optionthus avoiding setbacks both at work and elsewhere.

This option is available on computers and mobile phones. (Image: Shutterstock)

As mentioned earlier, this function is particularly useful for correcting errors, modifying information, or reconsidering the need to send the email.

Once you send an email, Gmail displays a notification in the lower left corner of the screen with the options to “Undo” or “View Message.” If the user clicks Undo, the email is canceled from being sent, thus preventing the message from reaching the recipients.

next to, Another function that can accompany the provided function is the possibility to modify the cancellation periodbecause users can customize the time available to cancel sending the message.

In Google settings you can calculate the maximum time to cancel a message. (Image: Google)

This modification is done through the following steps:

  1. Access your Gmail settings from your computer, where you have to click on “View all settings”.
  2. Among the available options is the “Undo Send” option, which allows you to specify a cancellation period of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.
  3. After making this selection, it is important to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
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In the case of a mobile application, At the moment the message is sent with its content to the recipient, it will appear that it has been sent and next to it is the word Undo, so you can press and it will be done.

In the mobile version, the process is similar for both Android and iOS. (Photo: Europa Press)

These Gmail capabilities not only improve efficiency, but also increase users' confidence in managing their digital communications.

The Unsend option provides protection, allowing users to correct or review messages before they reach their destination, This is a huge advantage in a world where online professional and personal communication is constant and often requires precision and speed.

In addition to these functions that Gmail gains, Google also offers a series of additional tools that contribute to better management of email and all stored information.

This includes advanced filters that allow you to automatically organize incoming emails, and search functions that make it easier to locate specific emails.

Other tools that users can use are Google Drive. (Photo: Europa Press)

Likewise, it is integrated with other Google tools, such as Google Drive, which allows you to store up to 15GB of data which can be videos, photos, documents, etcand Google Calendar, which allows you to configure your schedule and meetings during each day.

Experts recommend using a Strong password Which combines letters, numbers and special characters, and does not use personal information.

also, Turn on two-step verification to add an extra layer of securityrequires sending a code to your cell phone every time you log in.

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Likewise, regularly review your account activity from Security Review to identify suspicious access, and always keep your devices and apps updated with the latest security measures.

Be wary of links and attachments from suspicious emails or unknown senders, and you should review and control which apps and services can access your Google Account, and revoke permissions from those you don't use daily.

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