Geoff Brum of Purdue University on the late OPI that nullified the Boilermakers green light – ‘he didn’t like it at all’

Purdue coach Geoff Brohm said he had received no explanation for the controversial offensive interference penalty against the Boilermakers in the last minute of Friday’s 34-31 loss to Minnesota.

15-yard penalty on the tight end Bordeaux Pine Durham Eliminated a 19-yard touchdown pass that would put Bordeaux ahead 37-34 with 52 seconds remaining. In the next play, Minnesota is a fullback Josh Unni A. Jack Plummer A pass to seal the victory for the Golden Gopher host (2-3).

Replay featured Durham and Minnesota in defense Philip Howard Hand in hand as they run towards the end zone. Durham briefly extended his right arm when Howard grabbed it, before taking a touch down pass.

“You know what I think,” said Broome. “I can’t really comment on it. It’s part of the game and we have to go on, but yeah, I didn’t like it at all.”

Broom repeatedly shouted at the official who made the call on Purdue’s sidelines, but later said he did not get a “good explanation” as to why Durham was reported.

“I hope to comment on what I’m really thinking,” said Broome. “We send calls [to the Big Ten]Sometimes they agree with us, and sometimes they don’t. I don’t have the replay and can see it. I just know there has been a downturn [Minnesota] Taken earlier in the game, in roughly the same area on the receiver of the slot, it gave very little alarm and they didn’t call it that.

“I’ll stop there. You score big in the end and are called up. I think we have a penalty.”

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Purdue dropped to 2-2 with a loss.

Asked if Durham had lunge before hunting in the finish area, Howard said, “The referees made a call. We still have to finish the match.”

Minnesota has played without 20 players and several members of the team, including offensive line coach Brian Callaghan, who tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Coach BJ Flick said the number of players knocked out nearly prompted Minnesota to call off the match.

“[COVID-19] “It wasn’t the only reason people were out tonight,” said Flick, “but there were a lot of players missing.” “I am really proud of our medical device and our medical team that always puts our players’ health first. And it’s tough for players to take that phone call. It’s really tough. They put a lot into this and the next thing you know is outside of 21 days or you get hurt while you’re out for two weeks.” It can be devastating. “

Purdue wide reception Rondell Moore, All-America’s Choice of 2018, made its season debut on Friday and scored 15 receptions at 116 yards, plus three 20-yard bursts and a touchdown. Moore, who initially pulled out of the season before choosing to play in September, said he had exacerbated his hamstring injury in pre-season training.

He apologized to his team-mates and Brum for being a “distraction”, noting that he had asked Brohum not to specify the reason for his absence because he was expecting to return soon.

“It’s relieved to be back there tonight,” said Moore, who did not respond to reporters’ questions.

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