Genshin Impact players are requesting that the Shenhe Banner be restarted

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Shenhe is a powerful 5-star unit, which is why many Genshin Impact players are calling for his banner to be rebooted.

Genshin Impact is a gacha game that hasn't stopped growing over time. Today it features over 70 characters and is constantly receiving new content that keeps travelers inside Teyvat.

But there is one five-star character that has been available for a while but not many players have been able to obtain: Cooling Unit Shenhe.

A post on the game's social media has sparked huge demand from players to reboot the Shenhe emblem in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact players want to reboot the Shenhe logo

he Official Genshin Impact Twitter Published March 2024 calendar with different characters' birthdays marked. The problem is that March 10 is Xinhe's birthday, which also explains the photo.

Fans didn't take long to respond to the post. The first comments explain: “Can we please replay Shenhe“A traveler commented. Another mentioned.”If only Shenhe had a reboot…

The 5-star Cooling Unit is one of the most powerful units in the game, as well as having one of the best designs in the game. Their AoE skills are what stands out, as they can take down powerful enemies.

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That's why Genshin Impact players took to the networks to demand that the Shenhe logo be rebooted: “Restart shenhe please uncle hoyoverse I beg youThere was another player who was a little more aggressive: “And re Shenhe? Cowards.

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Shenhe may be one of the most requested characters in the community, but we'll have to wait for HoYoverse to decide if she wants to be available again.

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