Food that contains iron and vitamins, which eliminates fluid retention and protects the kidneys, is sold everywhere

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within a Healthy diet It is necessary to eat foods rich in nutrients, such as iron and vitamins, which, in addition to helping maintain the general health of the body, also help Reduce inflammation And provide a feeling of lightness.

In this sense, there are vegetables that are not generally taken into account and are actually an incredible ally in taking care of your kidneys. Moreover, it is accessible It is highly appreciated all over the world because of the delicious flavor that can be added to all your meals.

This dessert is considered one of the healthiest sweets in the world, as it provides vitamin B and protects your brain like no other.

You may be surprised to learn the impact that spending just a few minutes a day in nature can have on your mental health.

What food is rich in iron and vitamins that takes care of your kidneys?

he green beans It is a legume native to Mexico, and is distinguished by its nutritional value, as it is among the millions of compounds found in it

  • chlorophyll
  • iodine
  • Vitamins A, B, C
  • water
  • Calcium
  • iron
  • Sugars

Its most prominent bounty is: Diuretic effect Which it provides, which directly contributes to eliminating fluid retention. By facilitating the natural expulsion of toxins, these vegetables can Preventing the formation of kidney stonesAnd reduce inflammation in the kidneys.

Green beans are an ideal food for maintaining kidney health. Source: shutterstock.

They also provide significant amounts of iron, which according to National Institutes of Health that it An essential mineral to ensure proper development and growth of the body. In the same way, its contribution to vitamins, which are essential for proper cell functioning, is also highlighted.

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It is included in its composition Vitamin C It is also useful for protecting the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals, as it is a powerful antioxidant.

How can I incorporate this food into my meals?

Although it is vegetables that are served Endless combinationsSince its flavor is mild and versatile, there are some ways that make it easy to incorporate daily consumption of this food.

  • Use it as a garnish: fried, cooked, grilled
  • In salads mixed with tomatoes and cucumbers
  • In soups and stews
  • In the clashes
  • To fill your cakes
  • Make pure
  • In pastes
  • To accompany some hummus

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