Five tricks to recover forgotten Wi-Fi password

Wi-Fi technology facilitates wireless interaction between electronic devices and Internet networks. (Illustrative image)

Wi-Fi has become an indispensable resource for millions of homes and businesses because it enables wireless communication between electronic devices and the Internet. However, to access this signal, an access code is usually required, which can be alphanumeric and long, so learning it is not easy, and if it is not written, forgetting it is a high probability.

Luckily, There are many tricks that allow users to recover a file password forgotten Best of all, it doesn't require the installation of third-party software that can jeopardize your wireless network privacy and control. This includes some solutions built in by manufacturers and operating systems designed to make this process easier.

Due to the proliferation of applications that promise to reveal these keys, Experts warn of the risks involved, including hacker attacks, security breaches and possible theft of personal data. In the face of these challenges, five legal and safe methods stand out

Recommended strategies include techniques that avoid using potentially dangerous third-party software. (D-Link)

Let's remember that A router is a device that acts as a hotspot Between the local network and the Internet, some of these devices include a sticker with a QR code on the back.

After scanning this item It will not be necessary to enter a password or provide any type of data. In fact, you can even change your network password without having to authenticate your identity.

Despite its usefulness and ease of application, it is a trick that very few users know about and this is largely due to the fact that Not all operators include this sticker.

Tricks include scanning QR codes available on some routers, and generating QR from Android devices. (picture information)

For users who have Android phones and are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, but for some reason need to connect a new device and don't remember the password, They can share this information by creating a QR code. Only required:

  • open the “Settings” or “Configuration” option. On mobile.
  • Search in Wi-Fi tool..
  • In the window that opens, you will find the available networks and the network you are connected to, which will have a file QR icon on the right side.
  • Click on the icon to generate a QR code instantly The other person can scan it To connect to the network without entering the password.
  • It is also possible to share access via Close post.
It is possible to view wifi password on iPhone. (picture information)

Mobile phones developed by Apple can also be very useful at the time when we need to access the forgotten Wi-Fi password. Although it is not easy to create codes and other functions that require Apple ID compatibility between users, There is a very easy trick to apply This requires:

  • arrive to Settings app.
  • He chooses “Wi-Fi” option..
  • Click on the network Which you are connected to.
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And when you click on the option that says “Password” The code necessary to make the connection will appear. Although before this information appears, the iPhone owner must confirm his identity.

Google Chrome offers an alternative to recovering Wi-Fi access credentials. (Google)

It is possible to use your browser's password manager to recover your Wi-Fi password. To do that In the case of Google Chrome it is necessary:

  • Click on Three vertical buttons From the top right of the page by sorting.
  • Click on “Settings” then Click on “Passwords and Autofill”.
  • Then select “Google Password Manager” option..
  • At that moment all the passwords will appear at the bottom and when you find them you will see that they are encrypted. to make it look, Click on ityou will be asked to enter a personal identification number (PIN) or it will be unlocked if you have some type of biometric system.
These solutions seek to empower the average user, allowing them to regain access to Wi-Fi networks. (TP link)

If none of the previous options work, what you can do is go into your favorite web browser to access the router configuration, and type one of these two options IP addresses: or Although it is a complicated process and depends on the router used.

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