First images from Eternaut

while, Bruno Stagnaro The person responsible for the script and the direction of the chapters said: “For me, El Eternauta represents my old man who brings me the weekly installments of the comics. I think it was one of the first things I read in its entirety in my life, at the age of 10, and it had a profound effect on the way I understood my own made fiction.”


The Eternaut, the new Netflix project.


The novel tells the story of a group of people who find themselves fighting against an alien invasion. So, after a toxic blizzard that killed millions of people, a man was named Juan Salvo and a group of survivors fight against a series of aliens controlled by an unseen force..

Set in Buenos Aires, this story deals with the conquest of places known to Argentinians, such as River Plate Stadium, Barrancas de Belgrano and Plaza del Congreso.

El Eternauta is among the most important places in the country and in Latin America. 2015 edition of Fantagraphics Books The United States has three nominations for Eisner Awards And he won in this category Best project for collecting or archiving newspaper strips.

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