“Ferrari” is a film that reflects the family life of the Italian pilot and businessman

Mexico City (process.com.mx).- American actor Adam Driver dramatically recreates Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988), the automaker of his title, when he finds himself in both family and financial troubles. It prepares its drivers for the famous 1957 Mille Maglia race, which ended in tragedy.

The film is titled “Ferrari” (USA 2023), and it is written and directed by American director Michael Mann, who is now 81 years old and is known for creating the famous series “Miami Vice.”

The screenplay for “Ferrari”, which is already showing in cinemas in Mexico, is adapted from the non-fiction book “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, Cars, Racing, Machine” (1991) by motorsport journalist Brock. Yeats.

The feature film, which premiered at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, also stars Spain's Penélope Cruz as Ferrari's wife, Laura Domenica Jarillo, American Shailene Woodley as Lina Lardi, Brazilian Gabriel León as Alfonso de Portago, and Canadian Sarah Janus. She is Linda Christian, British Jack O'Connell recreates Peter Collins, and American Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi.

Mann – directed The Last of the Mohicans (1992), Fire Against Fire (1995), The Informant (1999), Ali (2001), Collateral (2004), and Public Enemies ” (2009) — Planning for the film “Ferrari” began around 2000, after discussing it with producer Sidney Pollack (1934-2008). In August 2015, actor Christian Bale began negotiating to play the role of Ferrari. Filming will then begin in Summer 2016 in Italy.

In October 2015, Paramount Pictures purchased the worldwide distribution rights to the feature film, but in 2016 Bale abandoned the project so everything was postponed until April 2017, at which point Paramount was no longer involved. Actor Hugh Jackman is in negotiations to play Ferrari, as is Naomi Rapace to play Laura.

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Then nothing was known. As of June 2020. Mann and Jackman were still working on the project, but Rapace was not, so STX would be responsible for international distribution.

Filming will begin in April 2021, but in February 2022, Jackman left the film and was replaced by Adam Driver. Additionally, Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley have joined the production.

Pre-production began in April 2022 and filming took place in Brescia at the beginning of October 2022. On December 25, it was released in the United States.

The film takes place in 1957, and focuses more on Enzo Ferrari and his romantic and complicated relationship with his wife Laura, the memory of his son Alfredino who died of illness, the appearance of Ferrari's lover with whom he had his son Piero, and possible economic prospects. The downfall of his company and the difficult Mille Miglia race, where a Ferrari driven by Alfonso de Portago crashed, killing nine people.

Mann set the racing world ablaze and created tension during the Mille Miglia, a race that sparked a passion for motorsport and cars in Brescia. Penelope managed to bring out a hurt wife, who was also the right-hand man in Ferrari's business.

What is interesting, of course, is why Ferrari did not achieve Oscar nominations with a recognized Hollywood director, a budget of $90 million, and six different production companies?

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