Fans of The Mandalorian noticed an amazing Easter egg in Star Wars in the stunning final scene of Season Two.

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The The second season of the finals The Mandalorian It might be one of the greatest Star Wars moments of all time. When all hope seems lost to our heroes trying to save the baby formerly known as Baby Yoda, a lone X-Wing arrives at Moff Gideon’s ship. A hooded man comes out with a green light sword that slashes its way through dozens of elite robot soldiers. The warrior fights to the deck, and it has been revealed to be Luke Skywalker, who is there to accompany little Grogu to training as the Jedi.

Before the end, there is It was rumored that Luke Skywalker might appearBut the idea of ​​seeing the Star Wars central hero in a TV series in 2020 seemed far fetched. However, creator Jon Favreau pulls off the impossible, with a satisfying and surprising unanimous moment in Star Wars. In the weeks after the second season of The Mandalorian It’s over, and fans have been debating what this means for the show and the future universe of Star Wars as a whole.

But a Reddit fan noticed striking similarities between Luke Skywalker’s appearance and another pivotal scene in the prequel series. Reddit user skywalkinondeezhatrz Published prof A series of side-by-side photos showing how to do this Conclusion The Mandalorian Reflects the Anakin Skywalker Massacre of the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith. The visual and emotional beats of the scene provide a strong father-son contrast. In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin reveals himself as the Master of Sith as he kills the Jedi young children in the temple, destroying the future of the Jedi Order. at The Mandalorian, Luke reveals himself as the new captain of the Jedi Order, and promises a future for young Force users like Grogu in the Galaxy.

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Image credit: Disney
Image credit: Disney

Of course, father and son are not very different. Both of them were capable of fiasco, too. Anakin apparently failed Jedi to turn to the dark side. But Luke himself failed – which was yet to come within the Star Wars timeline after the events The MandalorianIt is more accurate. His failure in Ben Solo destroyed the new Jedi Temple, and once again threw the galaxy into chaos. It’s not very different from the end of Episode Three.

And one of the questions Remaining after The Mandalorian The final second season, How Mando and Grogu play in the events we know are yet to come.

Image credit: Esquire
Image credit: Esquire

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