“Exile Stories” dazzled at its premiere in Miami

A large portion of the “Tales of Exile” cast attended the film's screening in Miami

the film “Exile Stories” It was previewed in the US last Tuesday At the Miracle Theater Miami At a party attended by the director's staff Carlos Fong And the executive production team.

In his presentation to the press, director Carlos Fung provided details about the origins of this intertwined film Four parallel stories of Venezuelan immigrants in different countries It is also scheduled for commercial release at the end of March in cities such as New York and Houston with future showings in Europe and Venezuela.

The film's cast includes famous figures such as Franklin Vergés, Gabriela Vergara, Stefani Márquez, Ana Karina Casanova and Norquis Batista, who bring to the screen different aspects of the life of Venezuelan exiles.

“This dream started in a café in Paris in 2017. There, a group of immigrant directors met and we each started writing a story. The idea was to make a feature film out of four short stories, but time passed and everyone forgot about that conversation except me. “So I decided to write all the stories that today constitute ‘Exile Stories,’” recalls Venezuelan artist Carlos Fong. After years of efforts to find funding, he was finally able to complete filming in 2022.

The film's cast includes: Franklin Verguez, José Ramon Barreto, Hector Peña, Gabriela Vergara, Norques Batista, Luis Geronimo Abreu, María Luisa Flores, Roberto Farias, Ana Karina Casanova, Nando de la Gente, Gabriel Porras, Stephanie Márquez, Mario Duarte and presents Ivana Castillo.

Filming of the film was developed between the United States, Chile and Colombia

The film unfolds through four stories: “Swamp Monsters,” a thriller set in Miami; “Good Doctor,” which follows a Venezuelan doctor in Chile; “The River Brought Us Here,” about a Venezuelan mother and her sick daughter; and “Amor en Delivery,” a romantic comedy focusing on Venezuelan delivery drivers.

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“Swamp Monster” star Norkis Batista said at the preview how he thinks this film reflects immigrant life: “Many will identify, They have to be prepared because they will laugh, and they will cry; You go from laughing to crying. This is our condition, and this is our daily life. You always miss your people. “Exile stories are for all countries, for everyone, and everyone will identify with them.”

Trailer for the movie “Tales of Exile”

The “Tales of Exile” tour will cover various cities in the United States and Europe It is scheduled to premiere in New York on March 20, in Houston on March 29, and back in Miami on March 30.. Likewise, it is expected to premiere in Venezuela.

Stories developed between Miami, Chile and Colombia, It offers a rich and documented perspective on a migration crisis that totals more than 7 million displaced Venezuelans, representing the largest mass exodus of this century.

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