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The mayor visited the Alameda de El Capulín works in La Cañada

The Mayor of El Marqués, Enrique Vega Carriles, oversaw the progress of work for the integrated salvage of the Alameda and the construction of the El Capulín Forum and Swimming Pool, in La Cañada; The municipality’s investment will amount to 43 million pesos.

The Marquez Mayor, accompanied by the Municipal Public Works Secretary, Abraham Ibarra Villasinor, and the Director of the INAH Querétaro Center, Rosa Estela Reyes García, supervised the construction work. the staircase, the forum, the hermitage and the hall; In addition to the lighting of the Capulín pool, the placement of the information board and the information totem.

“The commitment to La Cañada is to go further, to show the cultural wealth to both Querétaro and the whole nation, the historical wealth that we have here in La Cañada. So what are we doing? Beautify it and paint its facades and make it beautiful. We want to bring people in and make them fall in love with the place, to come and get to know it. On La Cañada, that people start investing in La Cañada and that you, who live here, rent your house, open a business, the mayor said it has a better economy.

The Director of the INAH Querétaro Center, Rosa Estella Reyes García, acknowledged the sensitivity of the mayor, Enrique Vega Carriles, p.Or the preservation of history, culture, anthropology and nature.

“In this administration, we have found a much broader possibility to develop heritage protection, because there is interest and sensitivity and because things have been done. Restoring this as a public space is an example of the importance that the President – Enrique Vega Carriles – places on its residents, and is an example of its residents who demand their space to restore their harmonious social life.

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The director of the National Institute of Culture and Arts (INAH) confirmed that this project includes a commercial center with adaptations to enjoy the public space, while preserving a historic monument from the eighteenth century.

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