“Empty the breast a little”

Players from NSWL, the American League, took to Twitter to highlight errors in the latest version of the video game, which featured women’s teams.

he Women’s football It is growing all over the planet: audiences are growing and interest is causing more and more girls and women to take up a sport that not so long ago was restricted to men. The United States did not have to wait for this phenomenon, and for decades football has not been an issue of gender, which is probably why the strongest criticism of the game’s latest update came from there. FIFA 23Where women’s teams appeared, however Their players’ avatars are far from reality.

a few days ago EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts Launched the new version of one of the most popular video games on the planet and included Women’s Champions Leaguewith teams such as Real Madrid, Wolfsburg and Juventus, but also added 12 teams from National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), American League.

There, where football is the most popular sport among girls and women, its players did not remain silent and openly criticized on their social networks that their avatars did not look like them, despite the fact that They spent hours in front of cameras examining their bodies and faces.

I know they expect us women to only be grateful They gave us a little publicity, but please stop wasting our time. Some of us are baldvia Canadian Sydney LerouxAttacking Angel City FC on her Twitter account.

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Her teammate and first professional Native American player, Madison Hammondadded: Someone please let me know when you find me, Madison Hammond #99 from Angel City! Because this… isn’t it!.

Defender of the Houston Dash Didasco caprice sumo: “I’m grateful EA Sports finally included the NWSL, but it doesn’t represent me”. Katie SingleThe Liverpool footballer replied: “Be thankful they gave you poetry.”.

Janine BeckyThe forward of the Canadian national team and Portland Thorns ironically expressed: I found my long lost twin! Obviously brothers.

Alex Chidiacan Australian soccer player who works for Racing Louisville, also used sarcasm to refer to her avatar: “I can’t believe I wore a hair net for this.”.

In that social network, Leroux was the most active person, in addition to reposting the messages of his colleagues, he confirmed. Sexualize your body: “They had headbands, braids, and tattoos on their necks, and their eyebrows were so bouffant, one of them even made me pray!!!! My breasts empty a little And she puts me a different shirt. I will keep my eyebrows at this point.”.

Bugs are not only in players avatars but also Also in its technical characteristicswhich indicates the brand’s lack of familiarity with the most important league in the world.

“When EASPORTSFIFA didn’t put me in the top 10, I got mad but said ‘Hey, we’ll show them.’ But when they gave me a rating of 48, I realized they had never, and never will, watch an NWSL game.Defender Sarah Jordan has expressed her regrets from Angel City Football Club.

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