Elon Musk has a date for Space X to reach Mars

Elon Musk already has a history of landing on Mars. (Photo: NPI News)

Elon Musk He updated his forecast for the first manned mission to Mars, And again, this date is a little later than it was before. although a pot At first he made more realistic predictions, SpaceX He started by announcing a surprisingly early date.

However, this was postponed over time, The final update will be implemented in 2029. The reason behind pandemic The COVID-19 And armed conflict, it seems related to the fact that the launch ship star that would be used for the flight; It is not ready yet. It is true that they have made very important progress in recent months, but it is not enough to meet their most optimistic expectations.

It is not possible to take a trip to Mars at any time

The movements of the planets, along with other important factors, mean that there are only very specific periods, known as launch windows, During which the trip can be made.

The closest thing to that time was at the end of this year. In fact, it was the car that European Space Agency (ESA) She used to send her first rover to Mars, had it not been for the severing of relations with her Russia. Then there will be another one at the end of 2024. This is the date that Elon Musk originally chose, although he quickly realized that we would have to wait for the next one, at the end of 2026.

In fact, in December 2021 it keeps the date. However, this week the CEO of SpaceX announced that everything has been postponed again until the next window, Which will take place between the end of 2028 and the beginning of 2029. Specifically, Musk announced that his trip to Mars would be postponed in 2029. At this rate, it could coincide with NASA’s predictions.

Elon Musk.  (Photo: Spaghetti Code)
Elon Musk. (Photo: Spaghetti Code)

First stop on the moon, then on Mars

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This year marks half a century since the last time humans set foot on the moon. That was with the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Since then, several missions have been sent to Earth’s main satellite, but none have been launched.

With this said, the intent was to learn more about the terrain, so that future flights through the selenium terrain would be safer for astronauts. In addition, the new mission is expected to have Innovative atmosphere, keeping up with the times and including at least one woman in the crew.

One of the last photos of a man on the moon with the Apollo 17 mission (NASA)
One of the last photos of a man on the moon with the Apollo 17 mission (NASA)

for this program sagebrush, which belongs to NASA and its partners in Europe (ESA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA), Brazil (AEB), Australia (ASA), and Mexico (AEM). Originally, the mission’s first landing on the Moon was scheduled for 2024. However, problems in developing the spacesuit and landing system meant that It will be postponed until 2026.

After completing this trip to the Moon, NASA set its sights on Mars. However, it was declared from the outset that this manned mission could not be carried out before the 1930s. Instead, Elon Musk was more optimistic. His goal has always been to colonize the Red Planet as quickly as possible, thanks to the use of his reusable space shuttle Starship. SpaceX has been working for years to get everything ready. But it may be too early for appointments.

12-20-2021 The first Artemis recreation after the launch of NASA policy and technology research
12-20-2021 The first Artemis recreation after the launch of NASA policy and technology research

Elon Musk expects to reach Mars in 2029

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account Twitter The space center He posted an ad this week asking when humans would first set foot on Mars. He mentioned Elon Musk directly when asked about his predictions.

As of December 2021, when he was still betting on 2026, the SpaceX CEO hasn’t set a new date. However, He responded to this post on Twitter with “2029”.

Elon Musk.  (Image: Twitter)
Elon Musk. (Image: Twitter)

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