El Rubius and other streamers, banned from Twitch due to Sonic Frontiers and SEGA confusion – Sonic Frontiers

Today is an important date for all followers My voiceOpens this Tuesday, November 8th vocal boundaries On PCs and consoles, though Sega Encourage us to warm up our engines by taking a look at Animated introduction starring Knucklesmembers of the press and content creation already had access to the title in advance.

He was among those who owned the game since before its release Rubeusthe famous influential s streamer Spanish broadcast on Twitch periodically. On Monday, it was decided to broadcast Sonic Frontiers since the date of the ban (which allows posting of text and video content about the game) was lifted, with the misfortune that Banned from Twitch for broadcasting before the premiere.

SEGA lifted his expulsion after a misunderstanding

“SEGA sent me a Sonic Frontiers code today. In the email they told me there is no ban and that I can stream it now. SEGA continues to ban it from Twitch,” he wrote on social networks along with several screenshots of the email I received the code. Despite the problems, SEGA lifted the ban soon afterso everything was left in a panic.

Everything indicates that this situation It’s due to a misunderstanding of SEGA itself With the guidelines when Sonic Frontiers aired, as some of the emails were contradictory in this regard. It should be noted that El Rubius was not the only person affected by this situation; without going any further, Eric Rodriguezknown as Legends and Video Games, was banned yesterday for the same reason, although he later recovered his Twitch account.

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In 3DJuegos we also had access to a SEGA title beforehand, so we recommend taking a look at Audio Frontiers Review If you want to know the trial of our colleague Tony Pedrabuena, who was able to complete it before it happened Official launch todayWhen it goes on sale on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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