eFootball will not contain ‘pay to win’ content

The change in the nature of the game, which is now completely free, has raised concerns among fans.

an offer eFootball, the new name that the PES saga will carry from now on, has left a lot of unknowns for the fans. So, from Konami They posted a Q&A with several Q&A and even Seitaro Kimura, the producer of the saga, has answered some of these questions in media interviews.

The product guarantees no paid content that is easy to winThe creator has spoken with the Half load the game, assuring that a Patch with graphic improvements for next-generation consoles after their release. In the same interview, he also talked about the new form of football simulation, which Become a free game. A fact that worried a certain part of society, fearing that they would have to pay to make it easier to win, and thus turn the proposal into a frightening profit.

Kimura has been clear and ensures that none of the content additionally included in eFootball gives an advantage to players who pay the most. “We are focused on making sure that all players can enjoy a fair title, so the game It will not be a pay-to-win system Where the rewards will determine who will win or lose the match,” he says.

eFootball is arriving this fall with a completely free proposal for PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android devices. Initially, the versions will be identical in content and later functions or paid game modes will be included, so that each user invests in the version that best suits their tastes or needs.

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