Early build for Zelda: Ocarina is found from time, which can turn into a Navi Link

A developer build for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time reveals an in-progress look at Kakariko Village, an early test of archery, the link could have turned to Navi via Soul Medallion. Eurogamer, This demo, shown in Spaceworld ’97, was found on an old N64 development cartridge that was used to carry the F-Zero X. Once examined again, the Zelda beta was found, and although it was partially preserved, it is still There is so much to see.

Posted by Illusion Forest on Twitter, One of the most surprising discoveries is Link’s ability to switch to Navi via Soul Medallion. As you can see in the pictures below from Embed a Tweet And the @ Zeru64, He could fly around the map and would still have his main sword and Hellian shield;

Other medallions would have allowed him to cast and dissipate fire at will, to turn around when in danger, and more.

We also get a glimpse of the different-looking Hyrule from Embed a Tweet:

Kakariko Village is more basic and less developed than Embed a Tweet:

Shooting test where you can also ride Epona Embed a Tweet And the Embed a Tweet:

Here, we get a glimpse of what Link’s Pegasus boots could be from @ zel640, That seems to make the last game like the slightly modified Hover Boots game:

Some translated texts also indicate that the Ocarina of Time story was originally played a little differently. Someone says the Deku Tree was set to be a fairy prison where Link has to release Navi for free.

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For more information on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, check our original review, a new designer adventure created in the Ocarina of Time engine, and other Ocarina of Time discoveries from Nintendo Gigaleak – which differ from this one.

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