Eagles players and staff disagree with Doug Peterson over the decision to withdraw Galen Horts: report

Doug Pederson found himself in hot water with him New York Giants Fans after appearing in a decisive match against them Washington On Sunday, however, reports on Tuesday indicated that the head coach is now on the rampage with many people inside Philadelphia Eagles Organization as well.

The sources said Philadelphia Inquirer The defensive players had to be removed from a heated side encounter with Pederson, while midfielder Jason Kelsey and another offensive start approached the coach to ask him the reason for the start. Galen Horts It was pulled when the Eagles were only three behind.

Joe Judge Blasts Eagles: “We’ll never do that for as long as I’m heading the coach of the New York Giants”

The Giants made their turn over the weekend to try to secure a spot in the Annex but were counting on the Eagles’ win to lock it down. Pederson offered no help when he pulled Hertz, who had twice fallen, late in the fourth game for Knight Sudfield, who had not thrown a pass since 2018.

Not surprisingly, Sudfield struggled – he intercepted a second pass and lost confusion.

Philadelphia, a short distance away from the draw, lost the match and with it ended New York’s chances of qualifying.

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Pederson defended his decision, arguing that long before the match he had decided to give Sudfield field time, but many of the Giants’ members, including coach Joe Judge, knew better.

“For not respecting the efforts made by everyone to make this season a success for the National Football League, not respecting the game by going out and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything we can to help these players win, we will never do that,” said Judge on Monday, “as long as I am the coach For the New York Giants. ”

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Hertz appears to have known of the decision to play with Sudfield on Wednesday, but he appeared to disagree with Pederson’s followers with the plan contemplating the outcome. According to The Enquirer, the NBC channel that had broadcast the match caught him saying, “This is not true.”

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Sources told The Inquirer that staff weren’t really sure who was really responsible for the decision to pull Hurts out and that it likely had something to do with Eagles’ selection draft, which improved from ninth to sixth place with the loss.

“As a competitor, I play to win,” Horts said during a post-match press conference. “You have to trust [Pederson’s plan]. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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