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A two-year-old boy, Levi, was playing at Limestone Coast Beach AustraliaWhile his father was diving into the sea. His mother, Tyla Crowe I take a picture of him with his father in the background, But they didn’t imagine that this would be Another catch I would like to have Duncan Crow, Her husband.

Last month, the family had been camping there Port McDonnell In a southern town Australia When Crow disappeared into the water around 5 PM while his wife and son were enjoying the beach, unaware that something was wrong.

Crowe was a director of Monk and Son Ag Services operations and was looking forward to vacationing with his family.

The last image

While Levi was playing with his yellow shovel in the sand in the front, his father could be seen from far away, in the boy’s upper left.

The last image This is taken from
Duncan Crow With her son Levi playing in the sand.

Minutes later, he disappeared, and they lost track of him.

“He was Levi’s favorite father, lovely husband, and friend of Ty, his high school sweetheart.”The family said in a statement.

he thinks that The 32-year-old died suddenly of an undisclosed natural cause before a large white shark devoured his body in the area.

Located on it It was found in the water near the scene of the accident after search teams found a torn wetsuit and his flippers..

Days later, Crowe’s friends and family held a memorial meeting in his honor.

“While we may not know for sure, based on the evidence we have, we believe that Duncan likely suffered a medical seizure long before the shark arrived.” The family said in a statement.

“We are relieved to know that he will die peacefully in the water,” They expressed.

Greetings to Duncan

Your colleague and friend Sam Monk Advertise for the Australian channel Channel nine that His friends and colleagues were using his tractor to help maintain his family’s farm and business to provide income for his wife and son.

“We want everyone to know that the ocean is still a place of peace and beauty for us.”They said.

An account has also been created Juvondme a call Duncan’s legacy To support your son Levi’s future.

Levi now knows his father is in heaven, And Duncan’s family and friends are determined to make sure he remembers how much Duncan loves his little man.The fundraiser says.

It has already raised more than $ 41,800 from 261 donors.

“Last week was very shocking for all of us, but Levi’s presence gives us a little bit of strength to keep moving forward.”Crowe’s brother-in-law, Brett Trigg, told 9News.

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