“Done in 10 Seconds”: The Remarkable Addiction of Bill Gates That Almost Drowned

Bill Gatesone of the most important men on the planet, could not resist and surrendered to addicted to video games at one point in his life. That happens screens Characterized by taking the user to a world of imaginary Of which It is difficult to separate.

stages of development, windows Integrate a series of games into its software so that users can Have fun in his free time. One of the most famous is Singlean arcade game that since the beginning OS (OS) 2.0 by Microsoft Present. It has been added to the list minesweeperthe strategy game that captivated everyone when it came out on release 3.0 So.

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Bill Gates He couldn’t resist the simplicity of the game that eventually became addicted for his creation. Being the founder and CEO Many employees were surprised that their boss is a lodpata.

A billionaire has become obsessed with controlling a game minesweeper And achieve the shortest possible time, so that during his working day He was ignorant of his responsibilities To participate in a small game.

like he said Bruce RyanProduct Manager for Game Pack windowsAnd portals Once he wrote them an email telling him that he had won the match in a very short time.

“I just dissolved minesweeper [Principiante] in 10 seconds. He said: I answered him: Yes. 10 seconds is fine. Apparently, the fact that register It was very close to where he had been led to make it his own a taskFollow Ryan.

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One Sunday afternoon, we got an email from Bill saying: “I think I just hit a new high. It’s on the device in Mike Holman’s office.the then president of Microsoft.

Obsessed with exceeding that number, he started spending more and more hours playing the game. There is a point that An employee deleted the app from the billionaire’s computer by the amount Dyna of time spent in front of her. Unfortunately, this did not stop Bill Gates to continue playing.

CEO Microsoft He stayed every day after the office to play minesweeper. Even without the game installed on his computer, he spent his weekends at the office breaking every record that came his way.

How ended Bill Gates addiction?

Billionaire addiction has reached a point Melinda FrenchBill’s ex-wife, called Rayyan To ask you not to share time logs for minesweeper with her husband. This was the degree of need portals He’s starting to miss business meetings. The game was ruining it.

Determined to save Microsoft And his boss, Ryan, used a very primitive automation program to impress CEO For the company it was impossible to beat the new record.

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One second was the new record obtained, an absolutely unbeatable time. that happens Bruce Ryan have taken one Screenshot of the wrong version From a game that started at one instead of zero and didn’t measure in tenths.

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Sorry, your log from five The seconds are permanently overshadowed because I don’t think you can win a The second, was the message that Rayyan I received Bill Gates.

creator Microsoft He had no choice but to accept defeat and respond to the email, copying all of his employees, and accept defeat. Moreover, he left an interesting reflection which today became a reality:This technology thing is going too far. When machines can do things faster than humans, how can we preserve our human dignity?“.

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