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For those who have considered looking for new horizons on the business side and reside in doing so in the United States (US) legally, I have allowed myself to have a conversation with Javier Amieva, Director of Hispanic International, where the topic is covered.

With more than three decades of experience in bilateral relations, promoting business and attending to immigration matters, Ameeva stresses that it is difficult to obtain an investor visa and recommends consultation to avoid subsequent difficulties.

The most commonly used visas in Mexico are for doing business; those investors. against the treaty; and specializations for the type of work that is performed and required in the United States.

Each alternative is considering different requirements and people, who are not lawyers, intend to provide the service, without warning of the medium and long-term consequences.

The typical case is that doing business, promoting, hiring and closing deals is allowed, but is limited; The company must not be operated from the United States; This is work.

With the pandemic, some have bought homes in cities like Houston, put their children in school and the problem was later explained that they had already settled and did not have the proper visa.

With a tourist and business visa (B1 / B2) it is possible to apply for a permit, it is valid for 6 months and there are those who mistakenly leave a few weeks and renew it again so that it is outside the base, because you can only stay up to 180 days in a calendar year .

The approximate range for obtaining an investor visa is approximately $350,000 to $1,200,000.

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If it is your own company, it is possible to start with a working capital of $150,000, but you must prove that you will continue to contribute for the rest of the years and, above all, create jobs.

There is another type that allows you to get passive capital in projects approved by the government. At the moment the amount is $550,000, maybe for the rest of the year and could go up to $950,000 in 2022; They are EB5 visas.

Another option is to clone a company in the United States; In this case, 1,200,000 dollars are allocated and after two years it is checked whether it has profits and if at least 10-14 jobs have already been opened.

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